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On any given day, you can find several letters- to -the editor, blogs, and other media outlets criticizing every single move that the administration makes. That's par for the course and there's nothing wrong with that but it seems more credible if alternative ideas and solutions were presented. I still embrace President George W. Bush's $700 billion bailout because I have not seen evidence showing where allowing AIG, Wall Street, and the banks, to fail was the prudent thing to do. Some prominent Republicans said all those entities should have gone into bankruptcy but that would have left the creditors receiving pennies on the dollar (if that) and I'm positive that the unemployment figures would have been much higher. Republicans, Democrats and prominent economist called for an economic stimulus plan; they disagreed on the details and recipients. Although the economy is slowly improving, the critics are still bashing the methods that were used to keep this economy from going over the cliff. Today's conservative voice, Glenn Beck, said(in 2008 while at CNN) " The “REAL STORY” is the $700 billion that you`re hearing about now is not only, I believe, necessary, it is also not nearly enough, and all of the weasels in Washington know it.”Today he saying the exact opposite.. Then yesterday, he told Katie Couric that he would've voted for Hillary Clinton and this country would be in worse shape if John McCain would have won. This may have his listeners pulling their hair out but it just another example of an entertainer leading people astray without any alternative ideas or solutions.

Thanks to TiVo; I viewed all the Sunday talk shows hoping I would get an alternative answer for solve our current high cost of health insurance from the opposition. House Minority Leader John Boehner listed the three Republican ideas for health care reform. He said tort reform, being able to buy health insurance across state lines and a private CO-Op would be the items that he would like see in any health care bill. He did not offer to compromise or guarantee participation in talks. After eight months this is all they can come up with? They are all weak solutions and they will not reduce cost.

Tort Reform

Like tax cuts, tort reform has always been a favorite of Republicans because trial lawyers usually contribute to the Democratic Party. Having said that, the fact that a doctor has to pay $200,000 a year for liability insurance is a matter for concern. The caps for pain and suffering have already been established in 33 states without any real effect on health care cost or premiums. Malpractice premiums make up less than 1% of US health care spending but I can see where a doctor practicing defensive medicine is a problem. I can see a compromise.

Purchasing issuance across state lines

Democrats and Republicans agree that purchasing insurance across state lines would increase competition, but would it make it cheaper? First the federal government would have to impose new antitrust laws on the states to come up with federal guidelines. The 10th amendment will come in play. I can see where the health-care lobbyists would hit back against any plan that would hinder the profitability of insurance companies that are operating without or limited competition. Some states require coverage for infertility treatment, and the inability to turn down applicants; this alone will increase the premiums that were once low. Although this idea has bipartisan approval; It will be very difficult to incorporate.

Private Co-OP

Blue Cross Blue Shield started out as a co-op but other than them, very few have succeeded. I heard Senator Rockefeller say that 500,000 people would have to be enrolled, for it to work.

President Barack Obama said he will not be a rubber stamp for the increase in troops in Afghanistan. This has angered the right but it's going to be interesting to see what General McChrystal has to say when he meets with congress.There will be plenty of differences to discuss like the scrapping of the missile interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic,and Israel- Palestine talks but every question deserves a possible solution..IMO

What is your solution?

  • The Malpractice makes up 1%in health care costs came from the September 28,2009 issue of Time magazine.