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What was lost in all the hype over the iPad this week end was the fact that our economy gained over 162,000 jobs last month but of course right wing radio and Fox news will tell you that 48,000 of those jobs went to the evil public sector's census takers. The White House sent out their spokesmen to all the Sunday talk shows except Fox News Sunday. As usual, Fox News Sunday took full advantage. Juan Williams was clearly outnumbered by Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Bill Kristol and Nina Easton, as he tried to explain that the 114,000 private sector jobs was nothing to snicker at; especially since the trend is going in the right direction. Brit Hume said his banker friends were scared to death of regulatory reform; causing them not to lend to small businesses but truth is, the bankers are enjoying the near 0% interest rate, why share with small business, when they can continue with their speculative trading without all the risk. When Juan Williams mentioned the 0% capital gains rate to small businesses; Bill Kristol said the administration should expand it to all corporations….. Yeah, like trickle down really works. There are 15 million people still without jobs, so there's a lot of work to do. I like how the president described the naysayers; when he compared them to a farmer who would plant his seeds and come back the next day and say “Hey, where are the crops?”

It's tough to see the positive in a negative environment because “the squeaky the wheel usually gets the grease”, every negative comment is taken as gospel. A lot of comments have gone from being ridiculous to outright hilarious. I can't remember where I saw it, but a local poster said that the democrats socialized Social Security and another said “This November we need to get conservatives back in.” We had eight consecutive years of them and now after 14 months of the democrats being in charge, they want to go back to what got us into this mess in the first place? Their excuse; President Bush really wasn't a conservative, besides just because 89% thought the republicans were taking this country in the wrong direction, is just a thing of the past because this current party of” no” has learned their lesson. I bet I could sell the Guadalupe Bridge piece by piece to those who believe that.Those people probably think Obama is trying to change Easter by having a socialist egg hunt on the White House lawn ,on a Monday. How dare he!

This is supposed to be a republican year, with large gains in the house and in the senate but you wouldn't know it because every time they stumble, they don't simply admit it and correct it ,but they always try to pull the democrats into the same mess.i.e. Today, RNC Chairman Michael Steele pulled out the race card, as a reason for his troubles, but he was not content with that, he went onto say President Obama had the same problem… Presidential spokesman Gibbs said “I think Michael Steele's problem isn't the race card -- it's the credit card."

We're going to finish this year all with a bang now that Justice Stevens has hinted that he might retire pretty soon. I can just see the republicans using this issue as an illegitimate excuse to filibuster all the pending issues like finance reform and a new energy policy. They certainly don't want to give Obama another victory prior to the November elections. President Obama has opened up oil exploration on the eastern coast and in the Gulf of Mexico and guaranteed loans for two nuclear plants in Georgia, without the GOP offering anything in return. It is easy to see that GOP will not negotiate until November, when they think their odds will be more favorable. In the meantime it will be status quo.