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I have been reading the endless letters to the editor that lack originality, research, or an objective theme. Many letters are based on the constitutionality of the health care bill that recently passed. One letter writer title his letter "Obama is destroying constitution" then he begins his hyperbole by stating that over a million men have had died defending this sacred document.Now that Congress passed the Health Care bill,he insinuates that the Constitution has been ripped to shreds; although the case has not been heard before the Supreme Court. The Health Care bill is not unconstitutional unless the Supreme Court deems it so.

The letter from Myrl R. Cosper of Inez is typical of the comments and letters that are written every day. I sure wish that they would settle on a number; is it 16,000 or 17,000 new IRS agents that will be hired to enforce a penalty(mandate) that states it will not be enforceable? He also states that in a little over a year, Comrades Obama Pelosi and Reid has totally destroyed our economic base; that comes straight from the Glenn Beck playbook. Although the economy is still on shaky ground, the stock market is hovering around 11,000 and has grown by 70% since last year; retail sales are up and companies are reporting profits but as Sunday's cartoon stated "Don't thread on me… translation… don't confuse me with facts.”.. I have seen six candidates' names mentioned for the Supreme Court but I have yet to see Eric Holder, as one of them, but the truth is irrelevant to the letter writers because the boilerplate language is what matters most.

I don't really blame them because that's all they hear on hate radio, and from the unofficial Republican leaders like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.... Palin and Bachmann ripped into the president's new nonproliferation Treaty with Russia. They said this would make us a weak nation because we would take nukes off the table, when dealing with countries that do not have nuclear weapons. We would reduce our stockpile by one third; that is the same number that President Reagan called for in his speech, he made at a China summit. I guess you have to dumb it down so even Palin & Bachmann can understand. We have enough nukes to destroy the world 10 to 12 times; how many more do we need? If Shaquille O'Neal promised that he would not retaliate if I slapped him in the face; I would still be scared to slap him. Bill (we can't have enough wars) Kristol is still beating the war drums for war with Iran just because he thinks they have a nuclear program. Didn't he belong to same group that thought Iraq had WMD?

I should learn to ignore the letters but if just one reader follows up with research; we just might become an informed country that does not agree on everything, but will able to tell the difference between boilerplate and fact.