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I always thought that there were just far right wing disgruntled Republicans but a recent CBS /New York Times poll found that these people are wealthier and more educated than most. That only makes sense, they have to be able to afford all those trips, convention fees, and time away from their jobs. The poll stated that 18% of Americans identify with the Tea Party Movement and they tend to be white, male, married, and older than 45 years old. They all tend to be very conservative and think the president is very liberal. I went through that poll and cherry picked some numbers that I thought were interesting. The poll is 27 pages long and can be downloaded:;contentBointdy;contentBody

Are President Obama's policies moving in this country toward socialism?

92% of the Tea Party supporters thought so but their definitions of socialism varied.. 49% thinks that socialism means volunteer government ownership or control; 11% think it means limited freedoms, and just 8% thinks it's redistribution of wealth.

Tea Party leaders:

Sarah Palin:… 66% Glenn Beck:….57% George W. Bush:…57% John McCain:.35% Ron Paul :… 28%

I guess their college education came forth because only 40% thinks Palin would be an effective president.

Tea Party voting

  1. 66%’.. always or usually voting Republican
  2. 25% vote equally
  3. Only 5% always vote for a Democrat but 25% say they usually vote for a Democrat.

What are they most angry about?

1…16% say they are most angry about health care reform 2… 14% not responding to the people 3. ..11% government spending.

With all that talk of socialism, smaller government, less taxes, and less spending; I was surprised to learn that 62% like Social Security and Medicare; it's that poor person entitlement like Medicaid and welfare they don't like. I saw a response “but we pay in the Medicare”, at 1.45% we aren't paying in, what we eventually will take out. It's the same thing with Social Security. We have an older workforce and the fact according to Pew; Birth rates in the United States began to decline in 2008 after rising to their highest level in two decades, and the decrease appears to be linked to the recession, according to a Pew Research. Where will that leave Social Security?

The Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) does not realize that 95% of Americans got a tax cut and this economy is showing signs of improvement. They don't seem to realize that we keep electing politicians who will promise to lower taxes and keep the same services. In the 1980s we had a big defense buildup while we were reducing taxes and repeated those same mistakes in the 2000s.

That poll just confirmed my thoughts. They may be wealthier and more educated but they were just waiting for a Democratic president to unload all their frustrations on. President Obama being left of center and black, is just icing on the cake because our troubles cannot be their fault or the people they elected. The results of that poll just proved that Health Care Reform could have been interchangeable with Cap and Trade or the stimulus package; as the scapegoat for all our troubles. The frustration has been there for quite some time and it has more to do with welfare, affirmative action, the Civil Rights Act, and anything else where they think that they were not playing on an level playing field but in this day and age; protesting on those grounds would be seen as politically incorrect. What gives me comfort is that only the Tea Party only represents 18% of Americans.