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Every time, I watch a Cub-Astros game; it takes me back to two of the best vacations we've ever had. Our initial visit to Chicago, we sat out the first day asking the locals for directions to Wrigley, until a worker at the hotel took us aside and convinced us that public transportation was the best solution. The bus picked us up right outside our hotel for the 4 mile trip to Midway Airport. At Midway we caught the Orange line L-train and transferred to the Red Line to Addison, where we would get off across the street from Wrigley Field. The whole journey took about an hour. I can't even imagine driving through Chicago traffic; finding a parking space, and then walking to our designated seats. That would've been a little too much for this old-timer and his wife.

As we exited the L-train terminal, the view of the old taverns, neighborhood, and restaurants was breathtaking; it was like we came out of an old movie. It didn't take long for a few Astros fans to notice our Astro garb; come over; swap greetings (Go Astros) and disclose the names of their hometowns, knowing full well we would never cross paths again, but it just seemed like the thing to do. My wife never lets me forget that she walked the old concrete ramps in her pre-knee surgery days. You won't catch her calling Wrigley, the” friendly confines.” The Cub fans were very friendly and many of them came up to us to ask for our impression of Wrigley. My wife loves the modern Minute Maid, so I thought I was going to have to restrain her; when I told the Cub fans how impressed I was with Wrigley. Needless to say, she wasn't impressed with Wrigley, even after I told her Ernie Banks played in the stadium. I didn't see too many gift shops inside that small concession area and it was cramped but the beer was cold, the Chicago dogs were good and the vendors were friendly.

Today's ninth-inning rally is reminiscent of the many Cub games I have watched throughout the years. The stadium has windblown home runs and wind prevented home runs; sometimes in the same game.

I scratched off watching a game in Wrigley Field (5 games), Yankee Stadium (1 game) is scratched off, so if all goes well, I hope to scratch Fenway Park, off my bucket list.