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Arizona is a state where the GOP introduced three controversial laws in one week. Background is important because this is a state where Hispanics only make up 30% of the population. Arizona has a population of six million and about 485,000 are illegal immigrants. 4 million people resiside in Maricopa county Arizona(Phoenix)where crimes rates have fallen more than twice the national average.County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced that the overall crime rate in Maricopa County is dropping an average of 4.8% a year or a total of about 19% between 2004 and 2008.

  1. They advanced legislation; the so-called birther bill won initial approval from the state House , requiring presidential candidates to produce a birth certificate before they can be on the ballot in Arizona...Probably unconstitutional.
  2. People 21 and older will no longer need a concealed weapon permit in Arizona.
  3. They passed the Arizona illegal immigration law that will be challenged as being unconstitutional becuase of the " reasonable suspicion" clause; it is vague and will likely lead to abuse of power.

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon will file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona stating that this law is unconstitutional and will lead to racial profiling....... The sheriff of Tucson Arizona,Clarance Dupnik County called SB 1070 "racist," "disgusting," and "unnecessary," in an interview with Tucson's ABC affiliate, KGUN.

Arizona was the last state to honor the birthday of Martin Luther king; then accepted it, based purely on economics because they were boycotted by the National Football League and others...Just saying; before you feel sorry for poor Arizona; you should know the background and the controversial issues of the state.

There's always a political angle. I am amused that the GOP minority leader Mitch McConnell said the Federal government is at fault because they did not enact Immigration Reform legislation. A few minutes later he said it would be impossible to take up the issue right now because Congress has too many important issues on its plate.Huh? Senators of both parties should look at the nameplate on their doors and realize they are the Federal government; so it it sounds silly for them to blame the Federal government as if it is a sole enity without membership. If constituents praise the Arizona legislature for enacting legislation that does not meet constitutional muster , then they are part of the problem. That's endorsing a knee- jerk bill put together in a few days for political expediency...IMO

Is it a big deal? You bet, because three other states are following in their footsteps; such as Texas, Colorado, and Utah.As many pundits have said "Do we want a police state where the police ask American citizens for their papers?"Never mind I've heard the answer when the Patriot Act and the domestic surveillance laws were passed; "I've got nothing to hide."