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The Victoria Advocate's article on Matt Ocker was certainly newsworthy and informative to the voters of Victoria County. The information the newspaper reported was factual and backed up by an audio recording and a link to the official documents. Those that always call for transparency apparently meant the other guy or entity. The local newspaper also reported about an incident the current county judge had.

In full disclosure, I never liked Matt Ocker because of his abusive behavior as a poster. We didn't have too many online battles because I chose to ignore him but the nonpolitical views he held as a poster were not becoming of anyone running for office; much less county judge. His disdain for the police, minorities, or those who disagreed with him, leaves no doubt in my mine, that those eight charges that were disclosed; have a lot of merit. I'm not aware that Don Pozzi ever posted, so I don't have a personal opinion on his views. On the subject of bringing private matters to the public forum, Matt Ocker said" I don't feel like it's anyone's business." That's not surprising, no remorse, and it's a standard political answer when a politician gets caught withholding pertinent information. I believe we all have witnessed our friends, relatives, and fellow workers go through bitter divorces but Matt's behavior was extreme....IMO

It's not surprising that the same posters that never cease to write negative comments about those that appear on police blotter; take the opposite position, when it’s one of their own.

I wish you would have kept your former stance about a blogger having a bias because of their campaign ties, because your position would not been hard to prove. I believe all the evidence of his participation in Matt's campaign is still available.i.e. blog, comments etc... I wish you to keep you unique position of deleting comments that are over the line. There are posters that want a free for all format but in my opinion, that format just drives away posters.i.e.... I'm glad I have that delete key option because it's frustrating to write a blog, and then have a poster(s) come in, and deliberately change the subject. I'm also glad that you are giving those two candidates a chance to give their side of the story, via a letter in your newspaper.