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I wasted another 4 hours watching the Sunday talk shows because it has now become obvious that no one has a clue. A lot of people have theories, agendas, and ideologies but nothing that resembles a workable plan to spur our economy. Everyone seems to skirt around the issues but as Jeffrey Sachs said this morning" show me some numbers” Politicians have a three month window, or as we call it" election politics."

I don't see a lot of current democrats on the talk shows, promoting what they just passed. The democrats need to tell voters about the March 2010 UsaToday poll that shows "By 49%-40%, those polled say it was "a good thing" rather than a bad one that Congress passed the bill" because the republicans are touting the current Rasmussen poll that shows that 55% favor and 38% oppose the bill. The Kaiser July poll shows a 50%-30% favor the bill. The democrats should also tell the voters about their efforts in reforming Wall Street. Americans favor reforming Wall Street Banks by 50% to 36%. The democrats should not let the media set the agenda. Robert Gibbs should just say" no comment" when pressed about whether Michelle Obama will campaign for congressional democrats. I think it was a brilliant move on the part of Nancy Pelosi, to bring back the representatives in the house, to approve of a senate passed $26 billion package of aid to schools. Congress does not need another break; too much work to do. The democrats can only use the" credibility card” because recent polls show that only 26% trust the republicans with our economy but 51% will vote for them to stop the current agenda. That shows that the republicans are winning the message war but the democrats aren't even competing. About the only thing that the democrats can say was" It could've been worse, if we didn't take any measures." I don't think that message will sell with the frustrated and in some cases uninformed voters.

Now that we've had stagnant growth for the last couple months; the economists are telling us that we need to reform our tax system, entitlements, and foreign policy without supplying any real numbers. About two months ago, those same economists were calling for another stimulus, tax cuts, and entitlement reform.

Now that the media has finally caught onto their" tax cut" scheme, all the top republicans have admitted that tax cuts do not create jobs and it adds to the deficit. That doesn't mean that they will abandon that message, because their base has already been convinced. Here we are with high unemployment numbers, a stagnant economy, but the republicans won't reveal their plans until after Labor Day. Meanwhile they will gin up their base with talks of amending the 14th amendment, keep the fires burning about an Islamic center and mosque being built near ground zero, and give the crazies a platform to spout their message. The latter might not be working too well these days because last week Newt Gingrich suggested a war with Iran and North Korea but everyone blew it off. The republicans have been silent over the recent overturn of Proposition 8 because they do not want to drive the independents away.

It's disappointing that America doesn't seem to want to solve major problems anymore. We have dropped to 12th U.S. among developed countries in the number of 25- to 34-year-olds with an associate degree or higher. Most agree that we need to do something about our addiction to oil but our legislators aren't even talking about an energy bill. The way our congressional districts are gerrymandered; our legislators don't have to talk to one another because the voters won't make them pay for that. I firmly believe that we need to reform our educational system, trading policies, energy policies and revisit our role in Afghanistan, if we're serious about being a major player in the world economy. We cannot rest on our laurels.

After November 2, 2010, we will enter the presidential race. It is quite obvious that we have a broken Congress, so it's up to president Obama to use his bully pulpit to demand an energy policy and announces his plans to leave Afghanistan in a responsible manner. This might make him a one term president but history will be kind to him because no one else is willing to take the first step.