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The White House has now admitted that they are angry with the “Professional Left."... It's nothing like last night's brawl between the Reds and Cardinals but more like the JetBlue flight attendant's meltdown. White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, has aimed his anger at the commentators of MSNBC. He was quoted as saying""I hear these people saying he's like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested," Gibbs said. "I mean, it's crazy."Mr. Gibbs summed it up by saying." "They wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president."

I think the White House was expecting MSNBC to be more like Fox News, part of the home team. I saw this coming last year during the healthcare debate when Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow all hammered the White House, on a nightly basis, for caving on a public option and not allowing anyone favoring a universal Health Care plan, to have a seat at the table. The left thinks you start negotiations with extreme measures and then you settle for a public option. It all starts with Ed Schultz who is calling Harry Reid, a dismal failure, because he didn't hold the senate back to vote" yes or no" on a bill to give some benefits to those who have run out of unemployment benefits. Ed Schultz even advises viewers to stay home, to send a message. Keith Olbermann was very angry because the president was not pushing for a public option, so he solicited donations and contributed himself to set up free clinics in key primary districts, to try to influence some democrats. Keith doesn't go as far as Schultz does by urging democrats to unseat current democrats that voted against the health care bill. Rachel Maddow exposes republican and democratic ties to lobbyist money, if they are sitting on key committees of pending Health Care or climate change legislation. She is also upset that the president is not aggressive enough in repealing " Don't ask don’t tell." Although not part of the "professional left."... The White House is also upset with prominent left- wing bloggers who are angry because president Obama ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan and has failed to rein in some controversial policies of the Bush administration. The final straw was the firing of Shirley Sherrod without a proper hearing. The anger escalated when it was revealed that Andrew Brieitbart was the source.

Like many administrations before, the Obama Administration had to know their honeymoon ended January 21, 2009 because the opposition was going to nitpick and micromanage all their decisions for four years. They lost a lot of time trying to bridge a gap. They also expected that their base to roll over and accept water- downed legislation to pass for meaningful legislation. Then they expected their base to have more patience and understanding but they must allow their base to vent their frustration because it is obvious, their needs will not be met by the opposition. The day -to-day decision makers are David Axelrod, Rohm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gibbs. Other than Emanuel, are all used of dealing with Chicago politics.

Left wing pundits are no different from right wing pundits because many of them have never run for office, and if they did, they would lose because there is no compromise in them. The pundits can give a one sided hypothetical without rebuttals, all day and all night. If they're wrong, the economy doesn't suffer and people don't die. Most of them will say something outrageous, hoping it makes the night time news. They do serve a purpose because sometimes they will have a knowledgeable guest to explain a constitutional argument or a politician who will give his rationale for voting on a piece of legislation. It's funny how it all works out sometimes, because I remember Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer always lavishing praise on President Bush for his courage and determination on carrying out the war in Iraq. In Bush's book (to be released after the election) he mocked them by calling them the “war boys."

This spat will soon die down, Congress will go home, and when they return the cycle will start all over but I hope this time, the White House will just ignore them and go about the business of governing.