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Here we go again, a repeat of August 2009 when republicans demonized the health care bill with talks of death panels and tea partiers whining about taking the country back. The most recent attack comes from the small 18% that don't believe the president is a Christian. In 2008, the right wing extremists were upset because was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ of Rev. Wright. It's pretty obvious the president will never reach those people but perception is everything in politics; so I wouldn't be surprised if the president made a symbolic gesture (with full camera crews) by attending a church in Washington pretty soon. Those same people will just say “it's all an act."..In retrospect,he shouldn't have to explain his religious beliefs.

Last Friday the president weighed in on the Ground Zero mosque situation. He said the obvious by saying......"But let me be clear: as a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to which we are. The writ of our Founders must endure. “....The next day he made himself clear by saying that he was not talking about the wisdom of the decision but people can come to different conclusions with a play on his words. I believe he meant that this is a local issue (as I do) and should be settled that way. Not that talk radio or Fox News needed any more ammunition but it gave them a platform to express their extremist views, as if we were at war with Islam. I am not saying that the sensitivities of the 9/11 victims shouldn't be considered. It would be appropriate for them to have representatives in dealing with the sensitive issue.

You would think; since it's an election year, and the economy being in the dumps, the GOP would use this time to overwhelm us with their economic solutions. Instead, with the winds at their back, heading into the November election, they chose to go full steam ahead on the social issues. There's talk of the GOP repealing the health care bill, privatizing Social Security and Medicare, amending the 14th and 17th amendment, and if elected speaker, John Boehner, will consider a moratorium on all government reforms. That ought to be an interesting two years but in 2012 we will still be talking about jobs. They will trot out the same old talking points, like our local republican chair, saying that “government is never the solution but always the problem." They will point to personal stories praising their generosity and recommending others to do the same but they will still be against the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, collective bargaining(unions), extending unemployment benefits and any other thing there will cut the bottom line for big business. We will see if the companies that cut pay and 401( K) matches will restore them, when they become profitable. After all, a GOP win in November will assure the corporations get their tax cuts, so everything should be in place, if you believe in trickle down. It still amazes me why republicans run for a government office since they despise the government. The answer; they want more business in government. They want to privatize everything.

We just saw the last combat troops in Iraq make their exit in an unceremonious fashion. This president did not fly a banner or take to a podium to say" I completed my promise to the American people, by removing all combat troops from Iraq in a responsible manner, in my first term." John McCain had the audacity to say that we should be praising President George W. Bush for his efforts in stabilizing that country. In the first place it was an irresponsible invasion, many lives were lost, Iraqis displaced, and money squandered because of all the reasons we have discussed ad nauseam. The new government has only met for 18 minutes this year. We hope Iran is not the eventual winner.

The administration is talking about resubmitting the small business legislation that even the conservative United States Chamber of Commerce recommends, perhaps the GOP will have second thoughts because the job numbers are not looking pretty. I seriously doubt it because it just might work; making their retaking of Congress, that much harder.