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In the old days, a lot of us would just ignore political rhetoric because one party would just offer “a chicken in every pot” and the other would preach about self -reliance and pulling yourself up by your boot straps and it didn't really matter if you had bootstraps. Back then it usually came down to political party or ideology, no matter what the candidate said. Today, ever word is scripted for maximum effect because bloggers will slice and dice every word for their own benefit. Perhaps that's the reason 40% of the voters call themselves independents. I believe it's a known fact that republicans want to privatize Social Security and eliminate Medicare but very few will come out and say it. I believe there are more than 100 democratic lawmakers that want to stop the funding for Afghanistan, but they won't come out and say it.

Minority leader John Boehner blew another opportunity to reach out and offer solutions during an appearance at the City Club of Cleveland. Instead, his use of code words such as "job-killing," when describing the efforts of the Obama ministration to keep our economy afloat,were meant to mislead and divide. The minority leader said “Since February 2009, the private sector has lost millions of jobs while the federal government has grown by hundreds of thousands of workers,..." That's true but a bulk of those jobs were lost in February and March of 2009, 707,000 and 744,000. The first five months of this year showed, net gains. Small net gains but net gains, nevertheless. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that in January of 2009, there were 2,803,000 Federal employees by the end of July of this year there were 3,017,000 Federal employees. That's a gain of 214,000 by the irresponsible Obama Administration but wait just a moment in, so we can make an adjustment. Because of a constitutional amendment, the Federal government had to hire 411,000 census takers. That left an increase of 23,000, not the hundreds of thousands, John Boehner lead them to believe. In January of 2009, we had 110,961,000 private sector jobs, in July we were down to 107,737,000 private sector jobs. That's a loss of 3.2 million jobs..... I see 15 million people that are unemployed without solutions from either party.... I could go on with a tit- for- tat talking points, like the stimulus did not work, and raising taxes on the top 2% is a job-killer but we should be way beyond that.

It's no better on a democratic side because senate minority leader, Harry Reid (way back in August of 1993) introduced the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993, which would have revoked birthright citizenship. Section 1001, entitled "Basis of Citizenship Clarified," said, in effect, that children born in United States to parents who are illegal immigrants would not become U.S. citizens. Recently, he based his republican colleagues for even thinking about amending the 14th amendment. To his credit, he said that was a low point of his career but he should it included that while he was bashing his republican opponents.

Yesterday morning, I heard neoconservative Dan Senor gives a very moderate opinion on the mosque issue, to the crew of MSNBC's "Moring Joe..".. The very next morning on Fox and Friends he went all right wing, questioning the controversial funding of the mosque by Al-Waleed bin Talal saying that he was sane person that offered the city of New York $10 million shortly after 911, on the condition that he be allowed to make a statement. He pointed out that Rudy Giuliani refused. I haven't heard any other mainstream media types mention this but it didn't take long for Jon Stewart to remind everyone that Al-Waleed bin Talal is just a rich investor that holds interest in Citigroup, Apple, and Motorola and is the second largest investor of Newscorp (Fox News).... Jon Stewart goes onto say that Fox News is supporting a

I have never seen the likes of what is happening today but I know 24/7 cable news, the Internet, televised CSPAN debates, the power of talk radio, lobbyist money and the lack of investigative reporting is dividing this country and I don't see an end, any time soon.Will the recent stabbing of a random Muslim New York cab driver, be the beginning or the end of this madness?