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Crowd estimates of the Glenn Beck "Restoring America" rally Saturday are estimated anywhere from 87,000 CBS reported to over 500,000 reported by the supporters of Glenn Beck. When Obama was drawing large crowds, his enemies would often say "Hitler drew large crowds." Let’s just say it was a huge crowd and kudos to its organizers for keeping it nonpolitical and sign free. I did not watch a minute of the rally but MSNBC's “Morning Joe" and KTSA's Trey Ware decided to make the rally the central theme of their Monday morning s programming. It's funny because Trey Ware was trying to send a message of “check out the sources, yourself" yet, he kept injecting his personal views. Trey kept insisting that the AP and another mainstream sources were trying to inject race into the rally by saying that the crowds were predominantly white.Huh? Joe Scarborough had quite a discussion with his guest, Howard Dean, insisting that it was an anti -Obama crowd (he said many voted for Obama), yearning for a leader. Howard Dean said it was a tea party, evangelical crowd that did not vote for Obama and their presence at the rally would not make a difference, come November. They both agreed that come Monday morning, Glenn Beck would go back to being controversial Glenn Beck.

Even though Glenn Beck said he did not intentionally pick this date to overshadow the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech 47 years ago; I think it was a deliberate act to do just that. I don't take him at his word. Think about it, he did not reschedule; why should he? He had this built in controversy for publicity, Fox News accommodated, and it allowed the Tea Party to make another show of force, without the signs. It's funny how some pretty intelligent people won't even contemplate that. I guess they're locked in, like those that think the president is a secret Muslim and was born in Kenya. I'm all about redemption, so it's great that Glenn Beck walked back his statement saying " Obama had a deep seated hatred for white people, “but I know he's going on to say something even more controversial about the president in the future because that's how he gets his ratings. I believe Glenn Beck it just a younger version of Rush Limbaugh, who will now use a messianic message to lure in his audience. It's funny how Glenn will rarely mention his Mormon faith to his Christian audience. The man continues to be what used to be known as a “snake oil salesman."

It must be the August recess where events like this one and rumors overshadow bad economic news, the 5th anniversary of Katrina, and a lot of oil still lingering out in the gulf. I was hoping it would have taken the community center/mosque controversy off the front page and back to being a local issue. No such luck, a pastor in Florida is holding a “Ban the Koran" day on September 11 where he hopes to burn thousands of Korans. That's the Christian spirit. There is a reported arson attempt of a mosque in Tennessee and on and on.