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Yesterday, senate minority leader Mitch McConnell presented senate majority leader Harry Reid a letter signed by all 42 republican senators saying they will filibuster any legislative measure prior to consideration of tax cuts and budget matters. That's a new one; the minority party trying to drive the agenda. It's time for the elected president of United States, Barack Obama, to lay out his parameters with a promise to veto any legislation that does not meet his criteria. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi will introduce a bill that excludes tax cuts for the top 2%. That's fine and dandy but it will not pass in the senate, so it is a waste of time. The president needs to go to the state of Maine and tell them that their two senators are holding up tax cuts for the middle class, a vote to ratify the START Treaty and the extension of unemployment benefits, just because he thinks it is irresponsible to borrow an additional $700 billion to give tax cuts to the top 2%.

It's been over a month since the election but both parties are entrenched in their beliefs that were formed 30 years ago. The republicans think a decrease in taxes will increase revenues and the democrats want to continue to shore up the safety net with tax increases. That gets us to the point where we are today; where spending is at a 60 year high and tax revenues are at a 60 year low. Yesterday, congressman Shedeggs of Arizona said that the additional $700 billion needed to give the top 2% a tax cut did not need to be paid for, but the $18 billion for unemployment compensation, needs to be paid for. He went onto say that “unemployed people don't hire people" and his most outrageous statement was” unemployed people will not spend the unemployment compensation." He doesn't believe that spending drives this economy. The entrepreneur needs consumers to buy his product before he can consider employing salespeople. The right has used the buzzword “uncertainty “as reason unemployment remains high. I don't usually like the use personal stories as an example but last night a technician from Dish Network arrived at my house at around 6:00 PM. He told me that his company is not hiring but they are doubling and tripling the work on the backs of the technicians they have. That confirms what I've read in national business publications about the tactics corporations have been using since the financial meltdown. Corporation and companies are making huge profits from their businesses overseas but they're waiting for a huge increase in domestic purchase orders before taking on any new employees. The 111th Congress passed at least 18 small business tax cuts without republican support, but unemployment remains high.

It's time for the president to forget politics or trying to strike a bipartisan deal with the republicans because it is obvious they have drawn a line in the sand. The republicans are on record saying that their number one objective is to make president Obama a one term president. That’s fine; that’s politics but the president of the United States has a greater role to play. The president owns the debt panel he created, so he kind of has to go along with their bipartisan recommendations. He has to explain to his democratic leaders that even though the rates will be lowered for the wealthy; capital gains and dividends will be taxed as ordinary income. I know that he won't do it but I think he should invite President Reagan's budget Director David Stockman to the White House for chitchat. David Stockman recently said""The Bush tax cuts never should've been passed because, one, we couldn't afford them, and second, we didn't earn them"....David Stockman also believes that Ben Bernanke should be fired but he blames Karl Rove. He said "How did they vet the appointment of a new Fed chairman and not even read the black-and-white writings of this Bernanke fellow who said, 'If push comes to shove, I'll print money until the cows come home. I'll drop it out of helicopters!' This is Republican doctrine? This is sound money?" Stockman concludes: "The Wall Street casino is simply a consequence of what Bernanke is doing, and for that alone, he should be removed from office.".... I’m not saying he should ignore his base or the moderates but the number one objective is to appeal to the middle because the left and right are entrenched and they won’t budge an inch.

President Obama needs to address the nation and emphasize the importance of passing the START treaty, extending the unemployment benefits and the middle class tax cuts in the lame duck session. He also needs emphasize the need for congress to repeal " Don't ask ...Don't tell" before the courts forces the military to abandon the policy in a way that might not be to their liking. The president needs to take immediate action because the 112th Congress will be about political posturing and gridlock.