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I can remember standing in line waiting to buy the glue, poster board, and other essentials for one of my children's projects that was due the next day. I remember the lectures I gave them, telling them that I wished they would get a failing grade to teach them a lesson. Secretly, because of all the work we put in as a family; I hoped they would get an "A." That's exactly the way I feel about my beloved wavering democrats, who are finally standing up and saying “No mas" but the clock is running out, and the four corner stall will not help them with an opponent who has mastered that tactic.

The democrats are headlining all the network shows with a message of defiance, some are saying that the president will get a primary challenge and that the tax package in its current framework will not be brought up for a vote on the house floor. The democrats are up in arms because the president gave the GOP all they wanted, without a fight. The house democrats should have voted on the middle class tax cut just before the election because on September 12, 2010 house minority leader, John Boehner said "bad policy" to exclude the highest-earning Americans from tax relief during the recession, and later Sunday he accused the White House of "class warfare." But he said he wouldn't block the breaks for middle-income individuals and families if Democrats won't support the full package..... Speaker Pelosi should have brought the middle class tax bill for a straight up and down vote, the next day. I think that the GOP will offer some more sweeteners, but they will stand fast in their quest to give the top 2% a tax cut and keeping the favorable Estate tax, the $10 million amount couples which could leave their heirs without the fears of Federal taxation. That proposal would only affect about 3500 estates at a cost of $11.2 billion in lost revenue. The GOP has made a counter offer to keep tax provisions aimed at increasing production of hybrid automobiles, biodiesel fuel, energy-efficient homes, coal and energy-efficient household appliances would be extended through the end of 2011 under the bill. Despite all the political posturing; the bill will probably still be signed into law, sometime next week.

Yesterday, senate majority leader Harry Reid surprised the senate by calling for a vote on the military appropriations bill that had a provision in it to repeal " don't ask don't tell." He's surprised a fellow democrat, Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln, who was at the dentist's office when he announced the call for a vote. Blanche Lincoln said she would have voted "yes. The house has already passed their version of DADT. Harry Reid will now use an obscure procedure called " Rule 14" to strip the "DADT" from the appropriations bill and rumor has it that if he gets to the floor; there are at least 62 votes to pass the bill, and it will take another 75 days for full implementation of this bill. It's like a professional basketball game where all the action takes place in the last 2 minutes of the game.

I can't remember when a political party has shown so much anger at the leader of their own party. The democrats were livid with Bill Clinton when he supported NAFTA and welfare reform, but they got over it because they knew he was a centrist. The republicans didn't support President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security, but they didn't get as angry over that proposal, as they did when he nominated Harriet Miers to be his candidate for the Supreme Court. I think this will all blow over during the holiday absence but president Obama has a lot of fences to mend because next year he will be facing a GOP house and several new republican senators. The president and the democrats need to come up with a set of principles they can both agree on.

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