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Some old timers aren't exaggerating a bit when they say “now I've seen everything." On our way back from Houston the other day, my wife and I decided to drive through the old Richmond-Rosenberg downtown areas (I have never been able to differentiate the two), and it brought back a lot of good memories because those cities are exactly as I remember them. The cafe that sold the best enchiladas in Texas is no longer there but everything else seems to be. After our adventure, my wife and I started talking about the words we don't say anymore, the things we don’t use any more, and things on the decline. So, I will share the list we came up with, but I'm sure we missed a lot.

(1) I will never again wake up to the early morning clanging of milk bottles the milkman made when sit down his full tray of bottles to pick up the change my parents left out,so he could refill the new order.

(2) Doctors no longer make house calls...I was delivered at my grandparent's Home; SOP in those days.

(3) My parents used to give us Castor oil at the first sign of winter, as a preventative medicine. Every home had a bottle of Milk of Magnesia in the kitchen somewhere. Remember the hot toddy? That was adult medicine.. :-)

(4) We don't see the vacuum cleaner salesman or any door -to- door salesmen anymore. Do they still have a layaway plan? I heard Wal-Mart was bringing it back.

(5) We don't have a nuisance of the two party rotary telephone system with a long telephone cord to reach every room in the house...What's a land line?

(6) We no longer have double features or Sunday doubleheaders... If we had them today we couldn’t afford them because the owners would charge double.

(7) We don't have any more use for ice cube trays, blocks of ice, oil lamps, VCRs, 8- track cassettes, stationary and Christmas cards...Pick up trucks did not come fully loaded and a spare tire was an actual full sized tire.

(8) Our grandchildren would look at us strangely we bought them a board game for Christmas; as it is, they will never play a game of marbles, cowboys and Indians, hide and seek, hopscotch, jacks, or play out the yard barefooted.

(9) We no longer take those empty soda bottles back to the store for the deposit.

(10) Do they still teach the arm signals at driver's education?

On the decline or no longer used:

(1).... Standalone fax machines, desktop computers

(2)..... Land lines

(3) .....Newspapers

(4)..... Western Union

(5)..... Mom and pop stores

(6) .....Sail mail

(7)..... Hardback books?

(8)..... Encyclopedias

(9)..... Paperback world almanac facts and figures.

(10)... Telephone books

Does anyone ever use the words like ,two-bits,hill of beans,housecoat,icebox,clicker,pocketbook,or dollars to donuts anymore?Can you name the location of the 5 Dick's Food Stores ,we once had? Do you remember Urban's,Neumans,Angerstiens,Cattan's,Huvar's,KMart Foods,Safeway, Krogers and Montag's Bros?