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Some posters have criticized me for quoting Bill Maher and Jon Stewart because they are just comedians. We had a prominent Republican Senator warning his constituents about government death panels in the health care bill. You tell me who the comedian is? It's about substance, not job title. The two comedians I mentioned are liberal Democrats but recently they have been attacking the wimpy Democrats for not passing legislation and a naive president that thinks the GOP will entertain bipartisanship. When I start slipping and start to believe the sound bites those two comedians will bring me down to earth with a healthy dose of reality.

I have been misquoted as saying that the Democrats will raise taxes on the middle class. I was quoting a prominent economist and his economic scenarios for the future. Raising the income tax brackets is not the only way to raise taxes. Allowing the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy to expire, lowering the itemized deduction rate from 35% to 28%, and removing or raising the cap of wages subject to Social Security withholding, are examples of raising taxes without touching the brackets. I get a kick out of the deficit hawks wanting to reduce the deficit by lowering taxes. That's an oxymoron; lowering taxes will increase the deficit.

Today is the one-year anniversary of the stimulus package or as conservatives put it, the road to socialism. Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal and the ultraconservative Washington Times recently exposed several prominent Republicans as hypocrites for voting against the stimulus package, yet several lobbied, posed for stimulus ribbon cuttings pictures, and are on record praising the funds in their district. It's the funds sent to the other socialists' states that are bad. I really don't know why the president or the Democrats don't ask their opponents some simple questions i.e. “Did we avert a depression? “ If we did, how? Grover Northquist told Joe Scarborough that we should use the remainder of the stimulus to pay down the debt. He would love for the Obama administration to implement Hoover like cures for an economy that still ailing. He is not up for reelection; nor does he have anything at stake. A classic definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's somewhat like Sarah Palin saying that President Obama should attack Iran if he wants to enhance his chances of a second term. Even Dick Cheney thought that was opinion was extreme.

Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, and others have been trying to convince Democrats, that it is a mistake for them to dismiss the Tea Party and labeling them a right-wing extremist group. They went as far as saying some of them are Reagan and Hillary Clinton Democrats. I don't buy that. A great majority of them are conservative Republicans who are obsessed with fiscal scare stories .I.e. They say it's the private sector that creates jobs not the government but they blame the 10% unemployment on the federal government. They say the president should concentrate on jobs but not with a stimulus package because that's socialist. The Tea Party does not complain about the recent increase in health care prices and they remain silent on the capture of a high level Taliban terrorist because it will not enhance their sour grapes movement. When they seperate their group from the Birthers, Truthers, Tenthers, lobbyist and people displaying racist signs, I will recognize them as just another legitimate grassroots movement, but this is just my opinion.

A candidate for governor of our great state wants to replace the property tax with a larger sales tax but what is the track record of that scheme? This is the political season and one thing is certain, politicians will tickle your ears with talk about cutting taxes, spending and whatever they think you want to hear but unless they mention specific cuts, it is just political rhetoric.