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I used a point of fact “Pigs don't fly” as the title for this blog because I am fairly certain 97% of Americans don't believe pigs can actually fly but there must be 3% that believe they can because they read some article on the Internet. A poster said big brother can no longer force its might on the American people because we have become more intelligent. I agreed to point but many are easily led astray by partisan talking points, polls, exaggerations, and just flat out right lines.

I think the Winter Olympics break helped Chris Matthews; he was getting a little stale. On his first day back, he correctly defined the reason for the republican/democrat struggle on Health Care. Republicans are taking a laissez-faire position (the market will self correct) and the democrats think the government has a role. He proved his point because the republican representative always came back to the buzzword “government run Health Care” and the democrat always came back to “the public option continues to be popular”, citing several polls and both sides exaggerating their position. Exaggerations and buzz word are great marketing tools i.e. In his time magazine piece, Newt Gingrich pointed out that the democrats have a 4,425 page Health Care bill but in truth he is talking about two bills, the house version is 2,016 pages and the senate version 2,409 pages, both were taken from the same template that Hillary Clinton used in 1993-94. Using that 4,425 page example, many would come away saying that is entirely too long but in many cases both bills are identical in language. Health Care opponents can correctly say the 11 page Health Care proposal President Obama spoke about yesterday is “Obama Care.” Many think that Health Care is dead but the house and senate passed their version and if the house agreed 100% with the senate version, the president could sign that bill into law today. In reality that won't happen, the votes are not there. Truth is, we will have a televised Health Care summit, where the republican party will come out with a predisposed" no" leaving the door open for the democrats to say we tried, now we have to get through what we can using Reconciliation(50 votes plus the vice president if needed). That route would eliminate any proposal that would require federal budget or spending consideration. Why all the waste of time?

Even if we don't agree with all his positions, I believe everyone agrees that John McCain is a true American hero, so it pains me to see him having to resort to lies just to stay in contention, with an opponent to the right of him, in a highly partisan conservative district. He is now saying he was misled on his bailout vote. No, he took a principled stance because he did not want to see his country go into a steep depression but now clearly for political reasons, he is saying he was misled. It goes on and on with our “show and tell” congress. Democrats will say the recent “jobs bill” was a start to bipartisanship but in reality two of the five republican votes came from retiring senators, one came from Scott Brown, who cannot be seen as being in lockstep with Mitch McConnell, if he wants to retain that seat in 2012, and two senators are from the independent state of Maine.

When will we get back to reality? Let's go back to the days where we had liberal and conservative representatives walking across the aisle to see where they could come to some sort of compromise, without giving up their principals. I don't expect it to happen 70% of the time but even 20% would be a great feat in today's environment. We cannot afford gridlock .We don’t have to repeat or even believe the partisan rhetoric the politicians and entertainers have to use to acquire votes or viewers and listeners. That’s on us.