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I liked the State of the Union speech because the president reminded the spineless Democrats that they still had a 77 seat majority in the House and a 18 seat majority in the Senate. He reminded them that they cannot run away from doing the job, 69 million Americans voted for them to do. Now that the Conservatives are frequent poll watchers, they seem to leave out the fact that only 27% of Americans blame President Obama for the gridlock, partisanship, and 10% unemployment. According to the latest NBC/ Wall Street poll 48% blame the Republicans for not trying to find solutions for our problems and 41% blame the Congressional Democrats. That same poll had the president at 50% job approval…. I blame the Democrats because they should know by now, that the GOP will not cooperate because they have their eyes on the 2010 election. Bipartisanship is wonderful, compromise should be expected but I don't expect either, it is not in the interest of the Republican Party. The president rattled off some tax cuts, drilling offshore, and funding nuclear energy, yet the Republican senators sat on their hands, afraid to stand up and applaud. Some might say, they were skeptical, fair enough, but I think the president put them on the spot.

I know conservatives don't like to accept any responsibility for the last eight years but they must, if they expect any sort of credibility, when they criticize President Obama's first year. The two existing wars, two tax cuts to the wealthy,funds to fix the the crash of the financial markets, and the unfunded prescription drug bill make up 41% of the new spending the opposition complains about. If you did not know that, you are just cutting and pasting partisan articles, without any real understanding. Those that think that you can turn a $14 trillion economy around in 12 months, without both parties pulling together and the success of our trading partners, will continue to blame the president and the ruling party. Even if by some miracle, the GOP takes over both houses, we would still have gridlock because the president still has the power of the veto and the Democrats would use the same tactics of partisan politics.Over 70% of legislation needed the 60 vote margin..Record high ,by far.

I think the small spending freeze on 17% of the actual budget amounts to a gimmick unless the economy improves next year and unemployment takes a sudden drop. All recent administrations have used Keynesian economic policies but conservative don't like to admit it. That's what funded the Great Depression and WWII…. Presidents Reagan, Bush I &II used tax incentives, tax cuts for stimulus and increased defense spending because as Cheney used to say "deficits don't matter.”… That being the case, Obama's spending freeze will only hinder the job programs initiatives he wants. Yes, after the economy turns around, and the job market begins to perk,then we must then start to rein in the deficit because all this record spending is not sustainable.I always hear conservatives talk about deficits and the debt but never about growth.Take out that calculator and factor in just 1/2 of 1% in growth. What does that do to the deficit and debt?

Life is funny, it was not long ago, the right wing mocked the left for thinking President Obama was the Messiah. If you tuned in to Fox news to watch the Massachusetts senatorial results, you would've thought that Scott Brown was the new Senate majority leader and the 2012 presidential nominee (move over Sarah Palin). They embraced Scott Brown, even though he is pro-choice and got high marks from the environmentalist and labor groups. Mr. Brown did a remarkable job in defeating Coakley but he is yet, to be seated or cast the first vote. On another front, the 31 congressman that introduced a bill to honor James O'Keefe for his diligent investigative journalism, exposing ACORN have remained relatively silent. I can't believe how some are comparing his work to Michael Moore, who has produced four of the top eight highest-grossing documentaries It's one of those apples and oranges. Of course Michael Moore never made Chris Wallace’s “Power Player of the week.”