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The president met with the Republican caucus today for a televised give-and-take session. The event took 90 minutes and both sides are looking forward to the next meeting. The camera stayed on the president, so it was hard for me to gauge the republican's expression. The president called for civility instead the constant slash and burn politics.

The Republicans called for an across-the-board tax-cut but the president said he's not interested in giving millionaires a tax-cut. They complained to the president about being called the party of the “No”, so they gave the president a book with their proposals. I have noticed that every time a pundit asks a Republican if they could agree with anything the Democrats proposed in their recent health care proposal, they give the same answer. This say Tort Reform, able to buy insurance across state lines, and tax credits. Those are GOP proposals. What's wrong with a compromise, such as, a freeze on insurance premium rates for Tort reform, etc? The White House is warming to trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a federal court but perhaps on a military base, now that's a compromise.

I'm not that naïve but I am hopeful that this historic meeting between the president of the United States and the opposition party will lead to significant dialogue, instead of talking points, sound bites, exaggeration and outright lies. Conservative, liberals, and moderates should all come to the table and offer ideas, without fear of being ridiculed. I know, they have serious ideological differences, so it limits on what they can agree on.

I think these monthly meetings could be an alternative to the Democrats making the Republicans filibuster a new bank Fee (tax), small business tax cuts, more Pell grants and other populists legislation. Nevertheless, what do I know; I thought the health care bill would have been signed by now.