• mike have missed your blogs hope you have been well.

    It seems that our president wants to become a republican now with his tax cut proposals and spending freeze. well almost a freeze it doesn't start til 2011. In the mean time he offered up a huge 3.8 trillion budget. I guess Mass. voters did not speak up loud enough for him to hear their disaproval of his policies. This new budget is proof of his liberal agenda of tax and spend until we are all bled dry. You would think he would wake up and see that americans do not want his left wing future for america. The voters of the most liberal state said no to health care and out of control spending by electing a Republican who ran on very conservative ideals. I guess that was a huge surprise to the liberals in washington. But as usual they are ignoring the people and pushing more spending as the cure to the problem instead of the cause of the problem. One would think they would wake up and listen to the people's loud cry of no more spending. What is your take on this Mike?

    February 2, 2010 at 6:10 a.m.