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Have you ever gone out to get the mail only to be shocked by what you received? I volunteered to go into the military, so I never received the so called “Greetings" letter from Uncle Sam. I have never been sued or issued a warrant, so I have never received a surprise in my mailbox. I can't really explain the feeling, but I opened a letter from the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services which read “Today you join more than 44 million Americans who have Health Care Insurance coverage run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)." The letter went onto say that since I am entitled to Social Security retirement that I was automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Enclosed was card and effective date with instructions to destroy the card if I wanted to opt out. I don't know about anyone else, but my first Social Security check was a milestone because it meant that I was officially retired. I finally made it. Looking at the Medicare card made me feel like, OK, I'm one of them now, I have completed the cycle. It was a feeling like that first paycheck, the marriage license, paying off the mortgage, my first pension check, the children leaving the house and becoming the senior member of your family.Am I supposed to get a party, cake or a new tie? Guess not,it is just one more thing to scratch off my unofficial to-do list.

You can't convince me that the insurance companies don't have access to the Social Security database, because accompanying the official letter from the government came a prescription drug plan from Bankers Life and Casualty Company. I received a brochure a couple months ago for an electronic wheel chair; even though I don't need one.

I suspect my doctors been in on the conspiracy(just kidding doc) because the last two months I’ve had numerous blood tests, one eye test, a stress test at the cardiologist's office, and a routine visit with a podiatrist. It's no telling who he will send me to this coming Friday. When I signed in at the "Eye Center,” a sign taped to the desk caught my eye. The sign read “All those on Medicare will pay $155 up front for testing." I told a receptionist that I did not have to worry about that yet, but she told me that amount would probably go up next year. That's nice to hear and a great way to start the morning.

I'm still about four months away from Medicare but it was like that “Last Will and Testament," the "Living Will" that we put off until the very last minute. It's that time. It is not always our fault because we tried to enlist our children's help (executor etc.)But they would say " oh, mom & dad" that's a long time from now and we don't want to discuss it.” We finally had an Atty. draw up our wills and informed the chosen executor. I guess it's time to start learning about Medicare Advantage, Medigap, penalties for not enrolling on time, and most of all what Medicare pays and what it does not.