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I have never witnessed a complete shutout by a political party on the Sunday morning talk shows. Usually each party gets an equal amount of time for their spin but it is also an opportune time for them to challenge their opponents. I was not surprised to hear Time Magazine's, Mark Halperin, say that the republicans looked dumbfounded this weekend.

Representative Mike Pence said that the stimulus was a complete failure. I thought republican representative Mike Pence would have a better answer when, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pressed him “Last week, the White House Council of Economic Advisers said the Recovery Act has saved or created 3.6 million jobs. A recent report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) also found that the stimulus "has increased the number of workers by between 1.2 million and 2.8 million" and projects that "3.7 million jobs could be attributed to the stimulus by the end of September." how he could still say that the Recovery Act has "failed" in the face of this nonpartisan evidence: Pence had to backtrack saying :" Well, our economy is beginning to grow in a tepid way on the margins, I would argue in spite of the prescriptions of the physicians in Washington, DC. "

In political circles, it is known that you bring your "A" game , when you agree to go on " Meet the Press," granted, David Gregory is not Tim Russert, but he is following the same format of hard but fair questions. Senator John Cornyn and Representative Pete Sessions are seasoned politicians who are in charge of recruiting candidates for Republican Party. Democrats, Senator Robert Menendez and Chris Van Hollen took the fight to Cornyn and Sessions and they offered little in return. John Cornyn said that the main reason to vote for republicans, was to maintain the checks and balances. I can buy that answer but you still have to have a plan to get is out of this recession. I thought representative Pete Sessions completely blew it, when David Gregory asked him “I think what a lot of people want to know is, if Republicans do get back in power, what are they going to do?" Mr. Sessions replied by saying “It’s quite simple that Americans do know the agenda that is before us. They understand what the President and the speaker stand for, and they understand what Republicans stand for. Republicans…very strong, standing with the American people back home. [...] David Gregory pressed him by saying"Congressman, congressman, that's a pretty gauzy agenda so far. I mean, what specifics." Senator Cornyn tried to bail out his colleague by saying "Well, the president has a debt commission that reports December the first, and I think we'd all like to see what they come back with.” That's when Gregory nailed him with this line “But wait a minute, conservatives need a Democratic president's debt commission to figure out what it is they need to cut?" Later Pete Sessions went onto admit that they would return to the failed policies of George W. Bush. Even Rich Lowry, the editor of the conservative National Review, called Cronyn and Sessions' performance "disappointing" on Twitter, writing, "a consensus GOP agenda" is "badly needed…so these guys have something to say."

The elections are a long way away and I will concede that despite stumbles by the opposition, the Republican Party will gain seats in the house and a few in the senate unless by some miracle that unemployment figure comes down. The democrats have passed their agenda, so now it is time for them to stand behind it, instead of running away from it, and they need to continue to remind voters that their opponents were in office two years ago. They have a record.

It was just last week that minority senate leader Mitch McConnell said “the republicans have found their groove.” Did they misplace it this week end?

***Transcript of Meet the Press July 18,2010**