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The Shirley Sherrod saga will have a happy ending but it never should have happened. I have to blame the administration and the NAACP for their lack of due diligence. I have become accustomed to stunts like this, from the likes of hate merchant Andrew Brieitbart and Fox News.

This all started on March 27, 2010 when Shirley Sherrod gave an inspiring speech of her experiences and how she overcame them at a local chapter of the NAACP. Shirley Sherrod told the cast of "Morning Joe" that her father was killed by a man she believes belonged to the KKK because that group burned a cross on their front lawn, shortly after the incident. Although she was away at college when her father was killed, it had a huge impact on her life. That's what makes this woman a special person, because she went above and beyond to help a white farmer save the family farm, although she saw all numerous cases of discrimination toward minority farmers, on a daily basis. I can name several that hate all Muslims because 19 Muslims killed over 3,000 people at the World Trade Center.

Last Thursday, Shirley Sherrod received a strange anonymous hate e-mail on her Blackberry referencing her words of the March 27, 2010, NAACP meeting. She emailed that anonymous poster back, advising as to where where they could get a copy of the whole tape. This past Monday, she started receiving several hate emails, so she turned them into her boss. Later that afternoon she got a call from an old friend, from the White House, Cheryl Cook. Her friend told her, she was going to be put on administrative leave but did not give the reason why. On her way back to Georgia she received about four calls advising her to resign before the story broke on the Glenn Beck Show. It wasn't long after that, the NAACP put out a statement condemning her for her words in that doctored tape. About the same time Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, held a press conference announcing that his department would not tolerate racism, ensuring everyone that Shirley Sherrod was fired. Within 48 hours without as much as a telephone account of her side of the story, Shirley Sherrod saw her career go down the drain. Kudos to CNN because they actually did some real journalism. CNN interviewed the white farmer and his wife, who denounced the edited tape and credited Shirley for going above and beyond in helping them save their farm. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News offered a retraction and Keith Olbermann did the same for MSNBC.Tom Vilsack did give a sincere apology and so did the president of the NAACP, Benjamin Jealous.

Although I can understand all the nervousness the White House might have been going through, they should have vetted the source and set up a meeting with their employee. The fact that the NAACP passed a resolution to denounce racism inside the Tea Party ranks; they feared a tit-for tat but it led to poor judgment. Fox News is in full campaign mode just coming off their new Black Panther stunt (which went nowhere) they took the edited version of Andrew Brieitbart and ran with it. Last night's Rachel Maddow Show showed side-by-side clips of various Fox hosts Monday, sensationalizing the event as "racism, by someone in the Obama administration." After the tape was found to be edited the same Fox and Friends hosts said" the administration jumped the gun." That's classic “having it both ways....".Andrew Brieitbart will never apologize but I don't think anyone ever expected him to because that would take honor; something he knows nothing about. Mr. Brieitbart did say that CNN employed actors to play the part of the farmers and then he said it was never about Shirley Sherrod it was about the NAACP calling the Tea Party, racist. Andrew Brieitbart will continue to be a prominent guest on Fox and it won't be long before we see another stunt as a” Fox News exclusive.”

Although Shirley Sherrod will be offered a new position, I hope she turns it down because she just might have found her calling as a consultant.