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It was so great to see finally a democrat with the spine; calling out his republican colleagues for what they really are. Representative Anthony Wiener of New York finally had to let off some of his frustration because of the GOP's latest tactic to stall or add amendments to a bill, that were not germane. The bill in question would have provided health benefits to the first responders of 9/11. The democrats used a rare procedure that would have required 2/3.. "YES" votes, to pass because no amendments were allowed. The democrats did not want to see a poison pill ,stall this piece of legislation. The representatives have seen the GOP in the senate use poison pills like the estate tax or tax cut for the rich to a piece of legislation; Just to justify their "NO" vote. Not to fret first responders; the GOP will pass this legislation under their watch next year.

This same GOP that ran up massive deficits just two years ago, are now pretending to be deficit Hawks. Ever republican will try to say that the democrats will raise taxes because they will let The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation act of 2001 expire on December 31 of 2010. The democrats want to let the tax cuts to the top 2% expire. We need those revenues, besides those people have seen their income rise 281% since 1979, in comparison, the middle class income has only gone up~ 21% in that same time period. Tax cuts add to the deficit. It's a nice play on words but I have never bought that sound bite. Just because a sale runs out at Sears, do consumers say that Sears raised their prices on washing machines? Republicans will be quick to say that these cuts will affect the small-business owners on their personal income tax returns. They tried to imply that all wealthy owners are business owners because the wealth heiress like Paris Hilton do not exist. Republicans like to say that 75% of taxpayers in the top bracket report some type of non-wage income. The Treasury Department backs that 75% but with a caveat. The wealthy could be reporting shareholder, consulting, partnership, an investment income. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Centers analyzed IRS Data in March of 2009. The center found that amongst the top 1%... Only 25% of those earn half their income from business tax income. They found that in the top bracket, only 32.5% earn more than half of their income from business.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell wants to use the remaining stimulus money to fund popular legislation like extending unemployment benefits and the jobs bill. A lot of the stimulus money has been contracted; resending those contracts would make it harder for those states involved. The senate republicans would vote yes on every bill if the democrats would repeal the Estate Tax or in republican speak, the Death Tax. The Estate Tax only affects 3/10 of 1% of taxpayers; that's right, and 99.7% of taxpayers will never face this burden.

Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is the only republican with an actual plan but the GOP has to keep him on leash until after the election. Representative Ryan has a plan to privatize Social Security and to overhaul and eventually eliminate Medicare by issuing vouchers. He does want to retain the Bush tax cuts in full and probably propose some more of his own. Republican candidates running on Ryan's platform would lose by wide margins. Nevada senate Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle had to wipe her website clean because she was running on a platform similar to Ryans. The GOP's best political operatives are in Nevada to completely change the views of Sharon Angle, so she might stand a chance. It has worked because she is now pretty much tied with Senator Reid.

The democrats are doing a lot to dig their own hole by making deals with Representative Charlie Rangel and just recently Maxine Waters. They should allow the process to go forward and punish them for their misdeeds; even if it means expelling them. The party should stand up and nominate Elizabeth Warren as head of the newly created Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and not cave into those democrats like Christopher Dodd and treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who thinks she might not survive a confirmation. I think those two democrats (and others), and the GOP think she will be too hard on Wall Street.

The democrats should let representative Anthony Wiener set the tone for how a democrat will respond to stalling tactics, trickery, and talking points. The opposition party has every right to use procedure but we have a lot of people hurting, so if they sincerely believe that tax cuts will always lead to prosperity; they should say so. In seven months the republicans will get to implement their ideas and policies; if they work, my hat is off to them.