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The first day of hurricane season is probably a good description to describe the political rhetoric, this past Memorial Day weekend. There were statements like Obama is leading this country into bankruptcy although the latest data shows that this economy is growing at 3.2% rate, almost 300,000 private sector jobs were added in the last quarter, and the Federal Chairman is considering, raising interest rates. Sure, we have large deficits but the administration has set up a bipartisan commission to work on strategies to balance the deficit and the debt. That commission could have been a bipartisan congressional commission with the power to implement changes but the republicans backed out when president Obama supported the commission. We have a long way to go but the signs show recovery, not bankrupt. Republicans are almost guaranteed to pick up seats in the house in the senate, so it will be interesting to see if they accept the commission's recommendations or will they continue to be the party of" no."

Some posters are supporting a myth that if you didn't vote for president Obama or agree with his policies; you're a racist. President Obama is not a conservative, so naturally the conservatives will not be at ease with his policies or his leadership style. The conservatives got used to eight years of top down strategy and a " either you're with us or against us" type of governing. President Obama does not govern that way; that's not a racist; that's reluctance to change to his style and policies. Change is always uncomfortable; especially in areas persons are not familiar with. I know many will say that the healthcare bill was shoved down our throats but you are relying on polls to come to that conclusion. Only 42% approved of the healthcare bill but liberals and conservatives were equally disappointed.... Think about that.

Detractors are saying that the president is exploiting the oil spill for political reasons but that can be said for the president's detractors who are using every event to show their disapproval, such as him sending his vice president to the Arlington Cemetery Memorial Day event, or his responses to the oil spill. They try to take the words “We are in charge" and frame it in such a way to mock the administration. The devastation Louisianans are going through is being lost in the” BP fault” or it was the fault of the government; battle.

The right has a very short memory because it was only about 18 months ago when the Bush apologists were blaming the Clinton administration for everything that went wrong. I guess the statue of limitations on Bill Clinton have run out. You cannot compare a hurricane response to an oil spill disaster. President Obama did not have to be shown a DVD of the oil spill; people were not on top of their houses or on the freeways begging for a FEMA response. Some are trying to say it's about blaming Bush but as I recall President Bush left office with a 35% approval and vice President Cheney at a 19% approval, so that pretty much tells me the whole country blamed them. I still remember that 89% thought this country was going in the wrong direction. A poll like that indicates that conservatives, liberals, progressives, and moderates were fed up with the Bush administration.

This November election will give as a divided government, which I think works best, because in order for legislation to pass; it will need bipartisan support. On the other hand if the voters elect people that do not want to compromise; it's going to be a long two years of gridlock.