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It looks to me like a MSNBC is going on a relentless mission to show that president Obama is not showing enough empathy toward the people of Louisiana. They think that he should have done several photo shoots with the stricken people. They are in pointing out that he should have never attended the fundraiser for Barbara Boxer, honored the University of Connecticut's woman basketball team, the Duke University men's basketball team or attended Paul McCarthy's concert at the White House last night. Joe Scarborough said that Obama should take lessons from Rudy Giuliani during 9/11, showing that he truly deserved the title of “America's mayor" because he kept us informed, as it was happening. He went onto say that George W. Bush's "bullhorn moment" did a lot to satisfy and calm the nerves of many confused, worried and stricken Americans. Other than Joe Scarborough and perhaps Andrea Mitchell, most of those comments are coming from people who voted for the president. I don't know if they think that the president should be in permanent campaign mode or that America needs its president to be that father figure, who wraps his big arms around you and tells you “everything's going to be alright."

This is part of the change America received, when 69 million voted for Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States. His staff may have seen that Rudy Giuliani got his 15 minutes of fame but then only received one delegate in his run for president of United States. President Bush after several days of being aloof, came back and gave what many think was a great " bull horn moment" but he still made that mistake of sending 150,000 troops to Iraq. I think the president wants to have a more lasting impression. Like it or not, a presidential decision are rarely spontaneous. I think this president was to be seen multitasking; one who can walk and chew gum at the same time. This may hurt him right now but might increase his chances of a second term.

I think the media is becoming bored with the lack of significant improvements or ideas coming out of the oil spill disaster. This is the point where they try to make news instead of reporting news. Last night Rachel Maddow showed a real interesting segment on how important the marshlands are. The tour guides described the marshlands as being America's restaurant, playground, defense, and restroom, all at the same time. The park ranger said that if the oil makes it to the marshlands, there's no way to remove it. Unlike the Valdez spill, where they pressure washed the oil off the rocks, using high pressure water would destroy the vegetation of the marshlands.

Senator Bill Nelson is urging the president to call in the military to run this operation before it gets out of hand. The senator knows that BP has all the equipment and technology but he is looking for a command structure that can coordinate all the efforts. I like the fact that Atty. General Eric Holder is conducting a criminal investigation right now while the memories are still fresh and important data cannot be destroyed. I also liked the fact that the president went to Pittsburgh yesterday and promised that he would get the extra votes needed to pass the needed energy bill; which will take away the existing incentives for offshore drilling and divert them to alternative fuels.The president needs to convince American to think long term.