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Today's local and national politics remind me of a start-up band that only knows one or two songs. That's good for lead-off band, where no one's listening anyway, but they will never get anywhere. Energy, education, and jobs are all interconnected and they are the three major problems our country is facing. Some are still concentrating on welfare, the role of government, and gotcha politics.

We should exhaust all our efforts in stopping the disastrous oil leak but at the same time, we should not forget that neither the oil companies nor the Federal government have a plan to stop the worst case scenario of deep offshore drilling. It's not about a loss of oil related jobs or a loss on 401Ks. We won't stop drilling overnight but that doesn't mean we can't support our legislators in passing a reasonable energy plan. Every energy source will have its pros and cons and now's time to evaluate those. I can't believe Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas still support deep off shore drilling. I guess it's not that far of a stretch because even after numerous mining disasters, high metals in their drinking water, and many cases of respiratory diseases, West Virginia, will fight tooth and nail to keep mountain top removal dirty coal as a major energy source.

The republicans are telling tell us that abandoning oil deep offshore drilling, will force us to be more dependent on leaking tankers, be more tolerant of unfriendly nations, and precious jobs would be lost. It could happen but that is not a truth certain because off shore oil only accounts for about 30% of our oil sources. I believe we can save that much by switching the larger trucks to natural gas and having the government switch to hybrids as they come due. California is less dependent on foreign oil than any other state because of their 1978 strict building codes. We currently use 40% of our energy for heating and cooling and 35% for transportation. Will British Petroleum take their deep shore oil rigs elsewhere? I certainly hope so but it's not like other countries will be clamoring for this unsafe, incompetent, oil company to do business in their country. China is building about 20 new nuclear plants, so it's not like other countries are going to stay on fossil fuels.

About the only good economic news right now, is that we're doing better than Europe because we have a consumer base we can depend on; whereas Europe is more dependent on exports. The top Fortune 500 companies will not scale back on research and development. We should do the same on education but it looks like many states are scaling back to four day weeks and a higher teacher to student ratio. Despite an increase in property taxes; I don't think we can afford to scale back on education; it will be out downfall.

I saw where Governor Perry is going to have to change his attack strategy because Bill White actually owns some guns and his position on getting rid of illegal guns was not such a bad idea. With all the issues that might confront our great state, the second amendment is more than safe. We have the Castle law and a concealed handgun permit that is allowed just about anywhere. I would think that energy, education and jobs would be at the top of his list. I guess you go with what you're comfortable with, same old song and dance.