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I hope California's proposition 14 (open primaries) will eventually be the format for all 50 states. After all, 40% of the electorate, is independent. I will still support my party but my candidates won't have to go so far to the left that he/she would not be able to pick up moderate GOP votes. People are always telling me that they wish we had a third party. This format is a next best thing. The proposition passed with 54% of the vote but it won't go in until 2012. Plenty of time for an interesting court challenge.

This will bring back the arguments of the old liberal and conservatives; so big money will no longer just pour money into a party, they will have to support actual candidates, not necessarily those that will follow the party line. Candidates will not have to depend strictly on party money.

I caught up with the California primaries this morning and I just imagined how many moderate republicans wish this proposition would have been in effect last night. Many prominent moderate republicans lost to tea party candidates; making it easier for the democrats in the general election; especially in Nevada.

Throwing all the candidates on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation, and letting the voters pick the top two, will probably bring an end to the Green Party and others. I can see where the party machines will use all the tricks in the book (job offers etc.) to get their prime candidate fewer competitors. It could also be a loss for special interest groups like the NRA and labor unions. i.e.-If the top two candidates don't support the NRA or labor, what is a special interest to do? Under this format, a candidate has to be more consistent because he/she will have to appeal to a broader base.

Just imagine if Texas would have had that law on the books, would Governor Perry teased the Tea Party with hints of secession? I don't think Governor Perry would have risked losing the moderate vote.

The proposition is brand new and I'm sure the political operatives are looking for ways to bring back the old system. I admire those that think outside the box.