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For most of my adult life I've been known as " Gadget Man" or as my wife phrases it " dad and his toys" but PatB's comment about fountain pens was just another reason that made me rethink my quest for the latest and greatest gadgets. Don't get me wrong CJ's Digital Babble will continue to be a must read and I will continue to buy monthly computer magazines but going from 2G to 4G will not be that important anymore. All those new apps are just information overload for this old man.

A couple of weeks ago I got my grandsons to help remove some furniture, as I was explaining what I wanted, I turned around, and all three were busy texting away; amazingly they heard everything I said. As I was driving to unload the furniture, all I could hear were different noises notifying my grandsons they had a new text. Those text alerts rang constantly; no matter if we were in transit, at the fast food place, or as they came out of the bathroom, until they finally went, home. This is the great part of being a grandparent; there is an obvious upside.

My Toyota's Prius's GPS has been a marriage saver and eliminated the family joke" Dad always takes a scenic route," meaning I will eventually get there, but only after several U-turns and stops at convenience stores to ask directions, from those who don't know where they are.

My blackberry is my life saver because all my pertinent information has been typed into it, and alarms have been set to remind me of my schedule appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries. I even have a GMAIL alert to notify me of a comment on my blog. My wife does give me that look, when it alarms after 10:00PM.

About two of three times a year, I will meet with my old fellow retirees for breakfast; and we all have cell phones strapped on our belts but I can count on one hand, the number of calls we have received at these gatherings. My wife did call once to remind me I had forgotten to take my morning meds; again. I've been thinking of setting an alarm for that but I keep forgetting. It's not like having the latest technology would help our group because all we talk about is the good old days, old friends (if we can recall their names), who is in a hospital, the latest drug for arthritis and the departed. I guess that’s why our breakfast get- togethers are becoming more infrequent.

Saturday, my wife and I went to see the rising Guadalupe River and as we exited we took a trip down memory lane, to see the big and beautiful homes in the area. We took many pictures but instead of going out of our way to get these pictures developed; we downloaded them into our computer and revisited our wonderful afternoon. Technology is a great thing but for now, I think I will go down to the public library and read up on the history of Victoria's great homes on the river.