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When I heard Fox News Sunday's Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney compliment president Obama for his handling of the General McCrystal resignation and clarifying his position on Afghanistan; I just knew it was all going downhill from there. The Sunday talk shows gave me all the answers I asked for in my previous blog. Yesterday, on ABC’s "This Week” CIA director, Leon Panetta, weighed in and so did the panel of "Meet the Press,"with the same message," we have an open ended commitment to Afghanistan." I started to realize that, when the president is now saying" That July 2011 withdrawal date is based on conditions on the ground, I never said that we would turn off the lights and close the door behind us, on that date." I imagine General Petraeus will use similar words in his confirmation hearings this week. I wish that the senators would pass a resolution declaring that the general is a great man, bla bla blah, and then forgo all the ogling when it comes, time to do their constitutional duty of oversight. I, think I got a preview yesterday, when Senator Dianne Feinstein said" we should give the general all the troops and money he needs to get the job done." That's music to the Pentagon's ears. Senator John McCain is starting to recycle his old Iraq War talking points of" We cannot have a timeline because the enemy will wait us out" and after all these years, he still doesn't have an answer for the right time of withdrawal.

I didn't hear any one compare Afghanistan to Vietnam or WWII; nor did anyone call for indiscriminate bombing but I did hear that due to complaints from the troops; General Petraeus will consider amending the" strict rules of engagement, General McCrystal imposed. The republicans are calling for a change in American civilian authority in Afghanistan. It is well known that Ambassador Karl Elkenberry and Afghan- Pakistan envoy, Richard Holbrooke, have a terrible relationship with Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai. I'm not sure sending someone that will get along with the corrupt president, will do much good but the American military and civilian authority in Afghanistan should be on the same page. General Petraeus is a great diplomat, so the transition should not be difficult at all. Tom Ricks ,Pulitzer Prize winning war journalist for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, said" alternative fuels is the only exit strategy."

Now that I have my answer, I'm going to move on and hope for the best but it is funny watching the deficit/debt hawks push for an open ended commitment for Afghanistan. The same people said that Obama Care was shoved down their throats but more people are against staying in Afghanistan (58% against) than were against the health care bill. We will approve a $60 billion supplement for four months but we won't extend unemployment benefits. The people that are for nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan are opposed to that in America. I no longer believe we will close Guantanamo Bay or rein in the unconstitutional policies of the previous administration. I guess the icing on the cake for all my frustration came when CIA Director Leon Panetta said “we will approve contracts for Xe(formally Blackwater) because they underbid everyone, saving the country $24,000,000 or so." I believe Xe is a corrupt murdering band of thieves but as long they submit the lowest bid, we will forgive all the rest. We get what we pay for.

I know that if president Obama would use his power as commander in chief to use that July 2011 as a date certain for withdrawal, he would not have much support from his military commanders or our pro -war legislators for any future endeavors. Democrats and republicans will rubber stamp any defense appropriation without doing their due diligence. Some will say that without a good defense, we cannot prosper economically but that has a vice versa component to it.