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Since I don't do "hold my nose and vote” or “lesser of” I have not cast a vote for governor since the late Ann Richards. Yesterday's Houston Chronicle's headline "Dems' rosiest outlook in years" made me sit up and take notice to this year's governor's race between Governor Rick Perry and Bill White. The right leaning Rasmussen Poll has Perry ahead of White by only six points (49-43). It is early but I think the governor's race in this conservative Republican state will be a referendum on Rick Perry. Although I still believe that a governor of Texas is just a glorified ribbon cutter; the winner will have a big say on how the districts will be redrawn. The results of this year’s census will give Texas four or five new legislators.

I'm pretty sure Governor Perry will try to frame Bill White as a comrade to Obama, anti-gun, sanctuary city mayor, and a liberal elitist. The White campaign must not let the Perry define him. White's campaign must immediately release the fact that as mayor, he was indeed part of a group called "Big-city mayors against illegal guns.” He left that group when they tried to expand their agenda by opposing persons with concealed gun permits to carry them into another state. The article stated that Bill White must stay on message and make the race about Governor Perry's failures and propose solutions using his expertise in education. He needs to point out the governors’ failures in secondary and primary education. He needs to emphasize educational costs being out of the reach of middle-class Texans. He also needs to tout his success as a three term mayor of the nation's fourth-largest city. I think, he should remain positive, defend his position on the social issues while being respectful of his opponent's position and move the debate to his strengths; such as energy, education, job creation, and restoring bipartisanship.

Texas remains a conservative Republican state, so it will be extremely difficult beating the governor. You cannot overlook the fact that Rick Perry did beat a formidable opponent, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Rick Perry has the support of the Tea Party movement, the country club Republicans, and the extreme elements he courted during the primary but most of all; he has the wind behind his sails.

Although I'm impressed with Bill White's resume, I am waiting for the first debate before I get into his corner. If he shifts too far to the right, he will be exposed as a phony. Bill White is an excellent fundraiser and it will be interesting to see how much money he gets from the DNC. It is my opinion that if he awakens the sleeping dogs, like the uninterested Democrats ,he has a good chance to be a spoiler. The uninterested voters in the last primary were those those living in the inner cities of Houston and Dallas , the Obama voters in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, El Paso and the Valley and the young college voters. He does speak fluent Spanish.