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This is just a response to the letter writer from Edna that asked the question "Why much anger”; then went onto tell everyone how it was the Democrats and Bill Clinton's fault.

The letter writer's partisan view, distorts history because the anger actually started with Watergate and could've been much worse if not for the responsible Republicans that said it was enough and convinced President Nixon to resign. Many on the left and independents made President Ford pay for pardoning Nixon. President Carter made an economic mess allowing a charismatic, "It's morning again in America" President Reagan to bring some sort of stability to the country. It was only after President Reagan left office that the Democrats found out that the president had weakened the unions and convinced most Americans the government was bad and certainly not the solution. The Republicans now had a battle cry of "starve the beast (government) and privatize all that was possible. In 1992 the Democrats went with the populist, intelligent, former governor of Arkansas and as luck would have it, squeaked out a win with the help of Ross Perot siphoning off votes from George H. W. Bush. The extreme right-wing of the Republican party did not think bubba was worthy of being president 'so people like Richard Mellon Scaife started what later came out to be known as "the vast right wing con conspiracy.” That group funded a daily bombardment of rumors against the new president.

The Monica Lewinsky affair did prevent President Clinton from doing great things but his popularity; even during impeachment remained high. I think what you saw as thinking he could do no wrong, turned out to be him making fools of those that tried to take him down. Newt Gingrich shut down the government and paid the price.

Prior to this year, back room deals were common place and not seen as cynical. The back room deals between President Reagan and Tip O'Neill were legendary. They were made possible by a compromise from Bob Dole and Patrick Moynihan. All that changed when Newt Gingrich and the 1994 sweep took over, they immediately took steps for a permanent majority.

The Supreme Court selecting George W. Bush as our 42nd president is what angered the Democrats, followed by attacking the wrong country, Katrina, and the shenanigans of Rove, Gonzales, Cheney and Scooter Libby. It had very little to do with what the right did to President Clinton.

Sarah Palin was criticized because she lacked the credentials to be vice president; she was not properly vetted. She made a fool of herself in her interview with Katie Couric and it was John Cain camp that aired all her dirty laundry. The McCain camp needed a game changer and they took a chance; she did help for about 3 weeks but she never did sway the Independents.

Feel free to compare my recollection to the letter you wrote. It won't be hard to backup my rebuttal with references.

This country has been shifting since its inception; the correction always comes when a party overreaches. In the 60s-70s the Liberals passed Roe v Wade, civil and voting rights legislation, affirmative action, and several environmental laws, which was seen to be overreach allowing Ronald Reagan to shift the country to a center right position. President George H. W. Bush took the country towards the center and President Clinton continued that course with welfare reform, NAFTA, and a balanced budget. I have already mentioned the course President George. W. Bush took and President Obama has only been in office 13 months, so until his policies, legislation and other factors come to full course; it's really too early to tell.

I believe the anger and the hate is coming from the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. They seem to believe that they are the sole proprietors of God, the Constitution, and the legislative and executive branch; even if they were voted out of office. They take their talking points from Fox News and hate radio, leading them to believe health care reform is a socialist program unlike Social Security, Medicare, and the VA. You cannot convince them that President Nixon, Senators Hatch and Senator Grassley introduced the “mandate” as a viable option; today it is unconstitutional. In 1993-94 Senator Bob Dole's proposals for health care is the spitting image of the one that was passed. Today they believe it is a socialist government -run healthcare.

Mr. Tupa, you will never admit that the sense of helplessness is a root cause for your fear and anger. I know that feeling because Democrats went into a deep slump in 2004 before coming up with a 50 state strategy. Ron Emanuel, Chuck Schumer, and Howard Dean decided to recruit conservative Democrats, in conservative districts, in their quest for a majority.

Believe me; all the hate signs and rhetoric from the Tea Parties will drive the Independents back to the Democrat’s camp. Several senators have said they will not seek bipartisanship for the rest of the year. The base may like that, but the Independents won't. The Democrats are happy but they won't be shrinking violets and they do have the momentum. I, hope they will govern like George W. Bush; use reconciliation and stay the course. If you are going to lose; go out fighting for the American people, like the Democrats of old. Make the Republicans be the party that supports Wall Street over finance reform, the insurance companies, over health care reform, and ones that pouts; rather than coming to the table to pass important legislation.

**How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America," written by Ronald Brownstein