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The idea of a national ID card was first proposed in 1971 again in 1973 as an upgrade to the Social Security card. Several years later, Presidents Reagan and Clinton were still opposed to the idea. Recently Senator Dick Durbin dusted off the national ID idea to include in the new comprehensive immigration reform bill. I don't know how much support it has, but for the record, my civil libertarian side rejects this idea because I like being an American without having to prove it at every step and turn. I already have a birth certificate(my wife knows where it is), Social Security card and driver's license, so this is just one more thing I will lose and have to waste a day, proving who I am, all over again.

I am told there are some advantages to a national ID card.

  1. Some say they could replace your medical ID card putting medical history and other pertinent information on this one card.
  2. It would biometric; meaning it could not be duplicated. {Wink...wink}
  3. Law enforcement, vendors, and the workplace would welcome the safe ID cards.
  4. It would save time at the airports and other places that require duplicate identity references.
  5. It would be used as a weapon to combat illegal immigration and would be terrorists.
  6. The whereabouts of legal immigrants could be monitored because they would have to use the readers at their jobs and any long absences could be traced at Homeland security.


  1. We would likely have more Tea Party protest with definite proof that President Obama is a dictator.... The Mark of the Beast.
  2. Identity theft would cause more hardship than losing a Social Security card or driver's license.
  3. It would cost anywhere $4 billion to $30 billion to implement such a system and; employers will balk at the cost.
  4. It would eliminate E-Verify Systems and several others forms of identification.
  5. I cannot see this controversial national ID card bill making it through Congress.

In this era of Facebook and Twitter, many will not mind the national ID card but we still have those skeptics that are opponents of a camera monitoring traffic violators and others just hate big brother unless he's going after what they call the role of the government.

On September 12, 2001 or shortly after; we had a chance to lock down both borders, put this national ID card in service alongside the Patriot Act and the warrant-less surveillance system with minimum objection. That was then.

I don't think there's any wrong or right answers,so go ahead and tell me what you think and by all means add to the advantages or disadvantages.