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I was shocked and surprised that a JAG lawyer, Senator Lindsey Graham and a 2008 presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, said a nationalized citizen should not be read his Miranda rights. I disagree; no matter how despicable his act was, he should be read his rights. I understand it is a political season and it would be detrimental to their cause to praise the Obama administration but imagine how the FBI and the New York police department feel after an extraordinary job of capturing Faisal Shahzad then being criticized for following procedure. Before making public statements ,Senators McCain and Graham should have known that Shalzad was questioned 9 1/2 I hours before being read his Miranda rights, and according to newscasts, Faisal Shahzad , waived his rights and is singing like a bird. The FBI does not believe his version of all the facts. Faisal Shahzad even waived his rights for a court appearance, giving the FBI more time to question him.

The same list of characters like representative Pete King of New York, Rudy Giuliani, and Joe Lieberman will be asked about any terrorist plot on our nation because they can be counted on for a negative response. They will continue to say the current administration is not tough enough on terror because they used the wrong slogan, don't want to send every accused terrorist to a military tribunal at Guantanamo or don’t want to restart the enhanced interrogation techniques (torture) again. I think they're trying to exonerate themselves because it has been shown that the techniques the FBI are using; actually works. Don't get me wrong ,we did make some errors that need corrected such as the 24 hours it takes the airlines to update their "No Fly"database; by the end of the year they should be able to cut it down to a couple of hours. A couple of hours? I think we all own computers that can work faster than that but the airlines have convinced us that this is a costly proposition. Constructive criticism should be welcomed.

Joe Lieberman is introducing a bill giving the State Department the right to revoke the citizenship of terror suspects who are Americans. I guess since United States civilians cannot be tried in a military tribunal; this will be another chance to make that happen. The Supreme Court meant the 14th amendment to be permanent; not one that could be easily amended by Congress. it does give leeway in provision 1481; to those that engaged in an armed struggle against this country, commits treason or those who renounce their citizenship. You cannot arbitrarily strip someone of this citizenship because you suspect they had terrorist ties. Joe Lieberman was one of those they were angry because Faisal Shahzad was read his Miranda rights… Miranda applies to any one charged a crime; citizen or not. Republicans believe in some rights for suspects because just yesterday at a senate hearing ,this transpired "I think you're going too far here," said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday. He was speaking in opposition to a bill that would keep people on the F.B.I. terrorist watch list from buying guns and explosives. Go figure.

I was sadden yesterday, when the Washington Post announced it was selling Newsweek. I liked that weekly magazine because it gave me some insight on the current news after the rumors, falsehoods, and errors were stripped out of a current event. I especially liked the words of wisdom from the editor, Jon Meacham or as Jon Stewart described him; a walking Wikipedia.