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I've been hearing the phrase “not conservative enough" quite a lot recently because it's constantly being repeated by pundits and republicans. I never hear they're not liberal or progressive enough. President George H.W. Bush did a masterful job in demonizing the word liberal but a recent Pew Research poll stated that more Americans preferred the word progressive than they do capitalism. I happen to think that ideology is not all what it's cut out to be because people are more about solutions than learning about the true definitions of all the isms.

Senator Bob Bennett of Utah was not conservative enough, Governor Crist was not conservative enough, and now the candidate for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, is not conservative enough. They all fell on the wrong side of this so-called prestigious title.

Senator Bob Bennett used to be known as a" conservative's conservative" getting high marks from all the conservative groups but after looking at all the evidence, he voted for TARP because he sincerely thought this country was going into a depression. Then he made that Cardinal sin of co-sponsoring a Health Care alternative bill( which was defeated) with democratic Senator Ron Wyden. I guess the message is no conservative worth his/her salt should ever try to compromise with the opposition.

The Florida GOP decided that Marco Rubio was the only republican worthy of being conservative, and they showed it because he was definitely going to win the republican primary. This caused Charlie Crist to bolt the party and become an independent. How did Charlie Crist lose flavor with the conservatives? Governor Crist embraced stimulus money for his state and he had the audacity of greeting the president of the United States and giving the president a customary hug. I heard Harry Reid is trying to get Charlie Crist to caucus with the democrats when, and if he gets elected senator. He might even switch parties.

I really don't know why Supreme Court candidate Elena Kagan's conservative credentials should be questioned because she is not a conservative. She served in the Clinton White House, worked for Supreme Court judge Thurgood Marshall, and is the current solicitor general for president Obama. I can understand why republicans have this litmus test; they don't want to get burned again. President Ford nominated John Paul Stevens and President George H.W. Bush nominated David Souter, both were moderate conservative republicans when they took office but ended on the side of liberals, in their rulings. Justice Stevens said he never changed; it was the conservatives on the court that went to the right of him. The liberals have some problems with Obama's nominee because of her strong stance for executive privileges but I suspect that she kept her opinions to herself because of of what she will be going through the next few months. She has a short paper trail and it's driving the conservatives nuts. I would like to know what she thinks of the administration's plan to consider broadening Miranda rights. If we're going to do that, why not just get rid of it, and just go rogue? How long will it be before the civilian authorities decide to broaden Miranda? In the last 8 years it seems these current conservatives have walked away from civil liberties.