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Just like the" Top Kill" strategy may have blocked the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico; the country needs to step back, cool off, and work together because we don't have the luxury of ignoring our pending problems. Hate is not a strategy.

I've been watching the roundtable discussions on the role of the president during a disaster such as this. Most of the pundits believe the president presence is a symbolic gesture that our country probably expects to be on the scene. I think James Carville's “People are dying over here" may be a little bit over the top but I understand where he is coming from; he does not want Louisiana to be ignored again. The oil that has made its way to the Louisiana shore and marshes is not being removed; the Louisiana governor needs some expedited permits, so he can begin dredging and doing the things the local and state government need to do. Today, the president can begin that effort by answering reporters' questions, in a long overdue press conference. The president's Friday's trip to Louisiana will be extremely important;he will need to be seen as being on top of the situation.

Today's story about a hate message of “Kill Obama “is right in line with last week's story of a teacher in another part of the country using a hypothetical assassination of president Obama to illustrate 'angles and parallel lines.'... If this really something that Victoria wants to be known for? This is my hometown but I thought we were above this. Evidently not; since some posters are trying to justify the actions of this stupid person(s). At some point the secret service should make an example out of one of those ignorant culprits. Our first amendment, free speech rights has its limitations. The current climate of hate and violence will only escalate because we still have to deal with the problems of illegal immigration and climate change. Right now Congress is trying to repeal " Don't ask don't tell."I guess Congress' is lucky because 78 percent of Americans think it's time for " Don't ask don't tell" to be repealed.

Today, bipartisanship is when you can get one or two votes from the opposition; then those two individuals will not get reelected. Rand Paul is a good example of that; on one hand GOP minority leader Mitch McConnell is telling him that he's had his 15 minutes of fame; on the other end the Tea Party thinks he has betrayed them and is considering, running a tea party candidate against him on the libertarian ticket. When the new Congress convenes, bulletproof vests will be required unless we settle down and remind ourselves that we are a civilized nation of laws and the ballot box.We should not let the 20% that have to rely on barbaric methods,to rule the day.