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It's time to bring out the old clichés “the people have spoken" or "the fat lady has sung," so on January 3 of 2011, John Boehner will likely replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives still have to elect their leader but it is highly likely that John Boehner will be the speaker. Much to my surprise, Harry Reid beat Sharon Angle by 5 points but he might have a challenger for senate majority leader. It wasn't as bad as I predicted but a walloping, nevertheless.

True to my word, and to my wife's surprise; I watched several programs that I had recorded instead of watching the election results. The first thing that I did this morning was go over the local elections. I was surprised that the national republican swing had coattails in the local elections. They had to be a whole lot of straight Republican Party votes. I have never seen local election results where the democrats were totally wiped out in this county and the surrounding ones. I saw where few national exit polls 36% of the voters identified with the democrats 36% with republicans and 28% had no party affiliation. Tom Brokow said that we should get used to this type of results because in future elections independents will continue to be the determining factor. I have to agree with him because we saw the same thing in 2006, 2008, and now in 2010. I feel handicapped because I did not watch the expert analysis of all the races, so I am left to my own humble opinion. Right now, I have nothing.

Next year, the GOP speaker of the house will submit the agenda and control the purse strings; it won't be hard to get 218 partisan votes to pass any legislation they want. I think Nancy Pelosi sent 240 bills to the senate that were dead on arrival. Lately, the senate has been the place where legislation goes to die. The founders expected an unruly house, so they designed the senate to slow down the process enough to where cooler heads could prevail. It's been anything but that. I think the senate should do something about the filibuster. It should not take 60 votes, just to debate a bill. They should also do something about allowing a lone senator to hold up nominations and legislation. I hope I'm wrong but I think newly elected, Senator Rand Paul, will take advantage of those ridiculous rules, as Jim DeMint did.

If nothing else, I hope 2011 will bring an end to exaggerations, myths, talking points, and lies in dealing with the nation's problems..... Keep it realistic..... For example:

  1. We should know that extending the Bush tax cuts for all; will increase the debt by $4 trillion over 10 year period unless we can find spending cuts that equal that. Not going to happen. That could be compromised to a 1 or 2 year extension with equal amounts of spending cuts.

  2. We should all know that Social Security, Medicare, and defense spending is the place to start spending cuts; not the 18% discretionary spending or feel good Federal hiring freezes and salary increases.... It's like cutting your household budgets by saying you will stop buying Starbucks coffee in the morning; yes it might add up, a little bit but you're overlooking the major expenditures.

  3. Most CEOs think that the job market won't come back for another seven years... They will gladly take the tax cuts but they have no intention of hiring 100% of the workforce they had before the financial collapse. Tax incentives for research and development will be better.

  4. Democrats have to stop demonizing outsourcing because 40% of the revenues received from the fortune 500 companies come from overseas sources. They're not going to stop because it's the prudent thing for them to do, to keep prices low and satisfy their shareholders. The old manufacturing jobs are gone permanently because we cannot compete globally with nations that pay extraordinary low wages. That’s not to say we can’t create new manufacturing jobs because without some sort of manufacturing jobs, we are doomed. We have to retrain our workforce for the new jobs...GM is a good example.

  5. Both parties have to agree to full disclosure because it's the only way to combat the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited anonymous donations. Unless they do, they will always have a 10% approval because the country will continue to think they are bought and paid for by special interest.

I don't know what the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform recommendations will be or if they will be followed, but it should be the first step in an honest discussion with America. The second step should be our involvement in Afghanistan. As I've said before, I haven't heard much of what the experts have said over the last few days, so I will continue to watch and listen intently, so I don't parrot partisan rhetoric, as much as I usually do.

It will be most interesting to see how the new tea party members will vote on increasing the debt ceiling. Will they stick to their principals and vote "NO" or will they be bought off with a promise of a committee chair, or as as it is called "status quo."