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First thing democrats need to do is to analyze the results and not let the media dictate them. Democrats should know that 80 progressives ran on what they voted for, and only 4 lost. That’s not to say that they should sugarcoat the loss. Learn the lesson that a conservative democrat cannot beat a conservative republican in a conservative district because the voter will always ask “if you are as conservative as you say you are why you are a democrat? I’m not convinced that pollsters or voters know how to properly apply conservative and liberal labels, but that’s a subject for another blog. The blue dog conservative democrats have lost their clout because speaker elect Boehner does not need to pander to them; he has more than enough votes to pass anything he wants. Nancy Pelosi needed the blue dogs but now it is being rumored that she might not come back to the house. She might retire; she doesn't need the money or the headache. Nancy Pelosi has her haters but they cannot deny her accomplishments, such as being the first elected woman speaker, in an all boys club. She did a remarkable job of gathering the votes necessary to pass major controversial legislation. That is undeniable, so the democrats owe her a debt of gratitude because they would not have the passed their legislation without her. I think politics is in her blood and she will eventually choose to stay in the house but that is just my thought....Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) a Blue Dog Democrat ,may challenge her for the House minority leader position because he thinks he can persuade moderate southern democrats to run...I hope he loses because we tried that, you wind up with another republican that will side with Boehner.

Last night as I was catching up on politics with about 6 hours of recorded programming; I came to the conclusion that nothing will change. The liberal commentators wanted the president to stand up to the republicans and not give an inch and the other side thought they had a mandate. I think the president needs to let the republicans make the first move. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell told the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation that he will make every effort to repeal the health care law; piece by piece, day by day, if necessary. I don't think Americans want to relitigate the entire law again. The president has already said that negotiations might be made on signature pieces of legislation that was passed, but he will veto any effort to repeal the health care law. The democrats do not need to be combative because there are 118 brand new tea party members that will not fall in lockstep with speaker Boehner or McConnell. As I said, it’s going to be interesting when the issue of raising the debt ceiling comes up. The debt ceiling is like the maximum credit line on your credit card. Prior legislative bodies have always raised the debt ceiling to keep the government going but they all made broken promises to reduce spending. The bipartisan committee will make their recommendations on December 1st, so it will also be interesting how the newly elected tea party will react to recommendations submitted by established Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats, Wall Street is not your friend, they generously contributed to your opponents because they know that the republicans have promised not to tighten restrictions on the financial sector. Be proud of the consumer protection laws you put in place where credit card companies cannot arbitrarily raise interest rates. Democrats should also embrace the Volcker rule on custodian banks. These firms safeguard individual and businesses financial assets, so they should not be dealing in speculative schemes. I believe the American people will back you up. Let the republican’s filibuster against this measure.

Democrats, don’t try to emulate republicans; reestablish your distinctive difference. Don’t help the corporations and financial sectors tilt government policies in their favor. Concentrate on the middle class because even though we were in a financial downturn the income of the very highest earners in the United States increased fivefold from the years 2008 to 2009. The executives of the 38 largest companies earned $140 billion last year.

Finally, forget about the exit polling because it's all over the map i.e. 56% said that they wanted less government intervention and 38% said that government should do no more to solve problems.... That same Washington Post poll had 37 % saying that spending to create jobs should be the highest priority for the Congress. It all comes down to who you ask, what region, and how the question was phrased. It should be an easy formula for democrats, since the republicans will initiate the agenda. Democrats, whenever you vote for, make sure you will support it in the next election. Never compromise your principles but make concessions for the greater good....Remember, the GOP won by default; not because of their policies.

I couldn't stop laughing when I heard Jon Stewart congratulating Fox News Sunday host, Chris Wallace, for retaking the house.

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