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I was recently sent a link, to see if it would help to describe the different labels such as liberalism, conservatism, and libertarianism. I took the six page test and I was not surprised with the results. It's a good basis but recent politics have muddied the waters because it now seems the libertarians are far right republicans and conservative democrats are the old moderate republicans. Liberal democrats are now progressives and the old moderate republicans are now just conservative republicans but most of the old moderate republicans are becoming extinct. A conservative has as much of a chance in winning in the northeast, as a liberal has in the south. Have you ever looked at the political map, democrats have both coasts, while the republicans have the south and some parts of the Midwest and the rest of the country changes color every few years.

During the 1988 primaries, George H.W. Bush, stunned Michael Dukakis when he said “you’re a liberal." He went onto victory by using the Lee Atwater's tactics of tying liberalism with the release of Willie Horton and the elites of Massachusetts. Instead of stepping up and saying " I'm proud that it was the liberals that freed the slaves, fought for women's rights, championed civil rights legislation, and choose a safe environment over profits, Michael Dukakis tried to fight back by looking foolish commandeering a tank for a photo-op....Since then, moderate democrats have completely run away from the word liberal and are now refusing to accept any labels but instead opted for being called fiscally conservative moderate democrats. Some Liberals are now using the label progressive to describe their ideology because they refuse to be labeled by their opponents. Conservatives of today use the word liberal as a tool to discredit their opponent. For lack of a better analogy, I think some people are liberals but they hate to be called that, and some people are racist but they hate to be called that.

I cringe every time someone says" I'm fiscally conservative but socially liberal" because what they're really saying" I'm the best of both worlds" because I'm right in the middle. Post a few paragraphs or leave behind a few comments and others will determine what you are. I noticed a few comments by some self described conservative republicans that did not meet the accepted definition of a fiscal conservative in the “county judge" thread and vice versa. Sometimes beliefs will be cast aside for the lure of the prize. I believe you should always stand for your core beliefs and the rest can be negotiated, as we do in our daily lives. Make your case, preferably back it up with a reference, but it's a waste of broadband to use slogans, talking points, or stating your ideology because that probably has been predetermined by your previous comments. For example, everyone is patriotic, wants smaller government, less taxes, clean air and water, and I don't know of anyone that wants to completely dismantle the constitution. Some constitutionalists such as constitutional conservatives or strict constitutionalists have a more literal interpretation of the constitution, so I don't find it worthwhile to argue with those people. For instance, an activist judge, can simply mean a judge that does not agree with their opinion.

As I stated in the first paragraph of this blog, I did not use the text book definition of conservative, liberal, or libertarian because like this country; they're being merged and don't have the meaning they once did. True, some are trying to regain the purity by trying to purge those that they think are not pure enough. These are just my opinions, so I know some will disagree.

Veteran's Day will be celebrated tomorrow because men and women of different stripes, ideology, race, creed, and beliefs fought together, for the preservation of the freedoms we enjoy. I'm going to go out and buy a small replacement flag to put on my stepfather's grave; so if you have a chance to thank a veteran; do so, I bet they will appreciate it.