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Last week I celebrated my 65th birthday and I got the usual rhetorical question “How does it feel to be 65 years old." I gave the old standby I've heard all my life," it's just another day" but that's not true. I guess it finally hit home when I met an old friend, I have known practically all my life. We both went to the counter; looked at each other in acknowledgment, as we handed the medical receptionist, our Medicare card for its initial use. Another milestone accomplished.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish the things I feel I still need to do. In December, I will be in my eighth year of retirement but it doesn't feel anything like what I expected of my golden years. I don't want to go back to work or volunteer for anything and I just can't sit around the house watching television, so I must find something, other than writing a couple of blogs, to keep me occupied. I still have 4 hard cover books and another 4 on my iPad to read, but I no longer have to keep up with the latest and greatest computer enhancements because my grandchildren do that for me. It's much easier to call them, than using the old try and fail methods of the past. It's funny because in my child rearing years, the children dictated the time and there wasn't much time to do anything else that didn't involve them and now that they have left the home, there still isn't enough time to do the things, I feel I need to accomplish. That just proves that life is a never- ending cycle.

After 43 years of marriage, my wife and I can actually finish each others sentence and generally have the same thoughts, so I was not surprised when I mentioned getting out of town this weekend, she said" you know I was thinking the same thing." It didn't take as long to decide on Austin, because she likes Barton Springs Mall and I love the idea of spending my Saturday morning drinking a cup of coffee and reading the Austin American Statesman. She can shop to her heart's content and I no longer tag along because she doesn't need my “whatever" response to her Christmas gifts questions. I can just sit at a coffeehouse with my iPad and newspapers. Oh, where were you iPad, when I needed you 30 years ago? If she needs my help for anything; no problem, I have an app on the iPad that will lead me to the department store. There's even an app that displays all the sales items in a particular store, but I won't tell my wife about it because then she might want me to tag along. Trips out of town are much easier now with the GPS, but we can't stay as long because night driving is not what it used to be...I don't think I'll live that long or will be able to afford the driver-less Google car,so this is good as it gets.

When a potential retiree asks me for advice; I always tell them to retire early as possible, take Social Security at age 62 because it's better for your health. I've always thought of myself as a happy go lucky type of person without any stress problems. To my surprise, I saw the difference with my reduced heart rate variability,after I retired. I tell them not to worry about the money because you will find a way and besides even though you might have a good plan; you don't really know what the future will bring. I know they won't listen but at least I've told them.

I think my old body and mind needs a recharge....Don't we all.:-)