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This year, will be one to remember; it will be the year where incumbents were replaced with mediocre candidates. It didn't take much; “We’re mad; throw the bums out" seems to be the platform. On the national front, the wannabes run away from the mainstream media, because they don't want to explain their extreme stances. They don't have to worry about money because lobbyists will be more than happy to fund their campaign because the other candidate is for reform. This is the year of the best political candidates that money can buy. Because of the recent “Citizen’s United" ruling, campaign contributions are unlimited, donors can remain anonymous, and the FEC has been rendered powerless.

The local elections will not be about unlimited campaign funds but more about changing local government with untested ideas. The fiscal crises have necessitated cities and counties to take a second look at their budget and make unpopular cuts. Some tax protesting groups think it is an opportune time to start rumors of corruption and a need for more transparency. In any other year, they would be dismissed as “rumormongers" but people are hurting, and they're looking for answers. The good example was the proposal by wing nut Debra Medina and Kinky Friedman with their no property tax scheme. We do not want to become another California with its proposition 13; where the inmates took over the asylum. In 1978, the California voters approved of an amendment to their constitution to roll back their property values back to 1975 and limited annual increases, not to exceed 2%. This was while the values of their homes were rising. The amendment made it almost impossible to raise taxes because it required a 2/3 majority.... The voters still wanted all the goodies such as public education but it didn't leave their legislators much choice. Look at what they created. Voters always want lower taxes and smaller government but when given a choice of fewer revenues for education and public services; there must be a sense of balance between taxes, revenues and expenditures.

In any other year, political parties would rein in their crazies and have them toe the line, by staying on message. It seems like the GOP is catering to the tea party movement. The democrats are running away from their accomplishments; instead opting to point out their opponent's extremist views. It’s a much harder road for the democrats because they won 25 conservative congressional seats (2006& 2008), when the democrats were the beneficiaries of the anger vote.

I guess if you live long enough, you can say “Now, I've seen everything."