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I have learned that president Obama has proposed a series of mini- Manhattan projects to tackle our future energy needs. Tom Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, wrote about the $25 million(that's million not billions) 2010 budget request for " Energy Innovation Hubs" in eight areas: smart grid, solar energy, carbon captor and storage, extreme materials, batteries and energy storage, energy efficient buildings, nuclear energy, and fuels from sunlight. So far, Congress has appropriated partial funding for about three of these hubs. In each of these areas, universities, national Labs and private industry were invited to put together teams of the best scientists in researching ideas, to win $25 million a year for five years. Right now, Penn state and two national labs will develop energy efficient building designs. Oak Ridge National Lab will lead a team to model new nuclear reactors, and the California Institute of Technology and the Lawrence Berkeley National lavatory will work on revolutionary ways to generate fuel from sunlight .The only disappointment, I have is that we're only spending millions for the world's next source of fuel. I thought alternative fuels would go to the back burner, when we swore in the 112th congress. And of course there is always a possibility that the new 112th Congress will stop funding these projects.

Tom Friedman said “Welcome to Tea Party America. Think small and carry a big ego." He went onto explain that nations strive or languish usually not because of one big bad decision, but because of thousands of small ones.

I know in today's environment, this issue will not generate much interest and would mostly fall on deaf ears because it's all about jobs. I still think the president and the democrats should be out on the stump talking about what they will do in 2011. It is my opinion, it would be better than throwing out allegations of accepting foreign money without any proof, or engaging in the politics of personal destruction. If they're going to lose anyway, in a atmosphere of “anger and fear," go out fighting for what you believe in. Oh well, I'm not a political consultant (nor do a pretend to be) but an old man can still wish.