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If you heard it once; you've heard it a dozen times.. Voters do not like all the negativity in political campaigns; it turns away likely voters. That may be true but it works. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle ran a story about the 10 biggest lies in this year's campaign ads. Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fl) led off because he called his republican opponent an “American Taliban." That was over the line but the rest of the campaign lies were said by republican candidates. Just this weekend, republican tea party candidate, Joe Miller, of Alaska had a citizen journalist; detained with handcuffs and his security threaten others, wanting to ask unwanted questions. In Kentucky, republican Rand Paul said he would not shake the hand of his opponent, because of a campaign ad describing some of Rand Paul's youthful indiscretions. This is from the same Rand Paul that initially campaigned on wanting seniors to pay a $2000 Medicare deductible; saw it was unpopular and is now running away from it. You just know after he gets his six year term, he will either introduce that piece of legislation or support it, one way or the other. It would take about another two blogs to list all that crazy statements made by mostly tea party candidates.

If you are a daily viewer of the on line forum, it's easy to see where posters are trying to mimic the national elections by using buzzwords such as “insider, change, and exaggerating our current problems with smoke screens, questionable data, and innuendos. It's good that we have the civilized LWV forums and other forums to hear the questions being answered by the candidates. I'm not usually interested in local politics because it's usually about charisma and name recognition because a republican can make sure that the ditches are cleaned, just as well as a democrat. The candidates use the party label by saying all the right buzzwords attributed to a party, just to get those straight party voters. Democrat or republican, you better say you are for smaller government, less taxes, and fiscal responsibility. Those three words can get you through the day in this city/county. You don't really have to say how you will get to smaller government and one person by themselves cannot lower your taxes but who cares, just say the words. Those running for district Atty. will always say they will put more bad guys away because their opponent is soft on crime. We know that’s not true.

Ron Paul will win his race again but I would be more than happy to anoint him today; rather than see all those, ad nauseam letters- to- the- editor, implying that he is the best thing since sliced bread. The only person that knows the constitution and he will not raise your taxes. I don't know who they are trying to convince with their talking points.... I’m just glad that he is not in the senate where he can hold up legislation with his “NO” vote. In the house he is just one of 435 votes.

Are we going to be the only state without a gubernatorial debate? Governor Rick Perry will not debate his opponent, Bill White, until he discloses his income tax returns. I have a sneaky feeling that the governor will change his mind if he gets behind in the polls. Right now, Rick Perry has a slight lead but it's within the margin of error. That's too bad because I believe it could be a debate worth watching. There are a lot of unanswered questions.

I've watched a couple of senate debates that were disappointing. The tea party candidates just had to enter and leave the stage without falling down to keep money and support flowing in, because expectations were not that high. Their opponents could not have a worthwhile debate with them, so they resorted to calling them too extreme and there you have it; another wasted debate. I'm not kidding; I saw a "Meet the Press" debate where the moderator (David Gregory) asked a candidate if he knew the loans he approved of, went to known organize crime figures. Then he asked his opponent why he lied about his war record. I guess it should be some comfort that the wing nut running for in governor in New York and the sex offender running for the senate in South Carolina will lose and not be heard from again.