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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the mood of the country but this morning's column by the liberal columnist of the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, put all the pieces together for me. Of course, I'm not talking about you and me because it's all about the other guy. If you are a conservative, then it's" I'm doing everything right but the liberals want to take it all away from me and give it to the lazy, worthless, out of work people." If you're a liberal, it's about squeezing that last dime out of the top 2%. Somewhere in the middle, no one is listening to the working middle class but they're not without fault or responsibility because the direction of the country will be in their hands, so they need to stay informed and not allow special interest and big money to take over.

Mr. Robinson thinks that America is having a temper tantrum and I've come to agree with him. He thinks we are spoiled brats. If you watch or listen to 5 minutes of the daily news, you will be told that come November, the country will throw out the evil democrats who have a favorable rating of 33% and replace them with republicans who have a favorable rating of 24%. A lot of Americans want to have sets of revolving politicians, who will be replaced in the house every two years and in the senate as their term expires. That way, voters do not have to familiarize themselves with what is inside a piece of legislation because their favorite media outlet will fill in the details for them. This economy is slowly recovering but not fast enough for many people, so it doesn't matter if the person had been accused of using medical licenses illegally and billing irregularities with Medicare and being part of the largest fraud settlement ever, a $1.7 billion Medicare settlement by a hospital corporation ever, if you are a Washington outsider, that's good enough for me. Sound ridiculous? I'm describing the winner of the GOP's governor's primary race in Florida, Tea Party candidate Rick Scott. If only he were the exception to the rule. If all the tea party candidates win, SPAN will be able to compete for the "Best of Comedy" award in next year's Emmys. I would have to write a very long blog to describe some of their silliest views.Some of those people are actually leading in the polls. All it takes is money, because solutions for today's problems are not necessary. When they are called on to explain their out of the mainstream stances, they have all adapted the Sarah Palin playbook of “it’s the media's fault and I'm not answering their questions." Don't believe me; watch Arizona’s Governor Brewer’s action after her last debate. Rand Paul and Sharron Angle have adopted a “radio silence" approach in their dealings with the mainstream media.

I can't imagine us, having to go through what the “Greatest Generation" had to endure. I thought President George W. Bush let an opportunity slip by not asking the American people to sacrifice by taking the first steps toward switching to alternative fuels. He told us to go shopping because that's what we wanted to hear. He could've said," yes, we will be paying higher utility and gasoline bills but consider the alternative." At that time he had a 95% approval rating, no one in Congress would have contradicted him. Call me naive, but I think most of us would have fallen in line, thinking it was the patriotic thing to do. Shortly after 9/11, a lot of my young fellow coworkers came in proudly telling us that they had given blood for the cause. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have told them that I would have really been impressed if they had signed up. After all, less than 1/2 of 1% of us were ever called up to serve our nation, after 9/11.Then again, it might of been political suicide but we will never know. That's water under the bridge but president Obama couldn't even impose a six month moratorium on deep sea drilling, after the greatest environmental disaster in our history. President Obama just barely mentioned alternative fuels in his address to the nation and his opponents started yelling that he was trying to pass Cap-and-Trade on the back of a national disaster.

In the game of baseball, a sacrifice, amounts to taking one for the team, getting yourself out to advance a runner into scoring position. It's not a sure thing but it increases the percentages of scoring. That's the same thing our fellow Americans might be called onto do, whether it's a cut in entitlements, tax increases, cut in pay and benefits, taking a lesser job, or paying a little bit more for initial energy alternatives. How will we react? That’s why I disagree with the president's plan of keeping the tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less because it will increase the deficit. We should let all the Bush tax cuts expire, perhaps, pass a small business tax cut but then the government should back off and let the free market figure out a way to increase demand. The reforms are in place and Health Care Reform information is available; so there shouldn't be an excuse for big business to hoard cash or delay hiring. After all, customers have to start buying and they won't, if they see all this uncertainty. Many economists agree that consumer confidence is mostly psychological because most consumers don't understand financial reports. They get most of their information from a 10 minute daily newscast or their friends and neighbors.