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I can't believe that the president of United States had to make a plea to a little known pastor named Terry Jones, not to endanger our soldiers in the Middle East with his Koran burning day. I saw it coming after General Petraeus made his statement on the issue. About two weeks ago, a spokesman for the general said that killing 1,000 Taliban and two civilians would be considered a bad day, because one cell phone video placed on the Internet would enhance recruitment. Especially, when they only show the civilians that were killed... Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called Pastor Jones and one source(yet to be confirmed)said he might have pursued Mr. Jones to stop the event. Pastor (I use that word lightly) Jones has suspended the burning because he thinks he will be a major player in negotiating the Community Welcome Center/Mosque move, in New York City. It only goes to show how much publicity a 50 member church can get, if it engages in outrageous behavior.

Not to be outdone, Donald Trump has offered to buyout Imam Rauf's interest in the Community Welcome Center/Mosque for cost plus 25% which would come out to about $4.6 million. This was the topic of discussion on 'Morning Joe" after Mr. Trump called in to explain his patriotic offer.wink wink.... Mr. Trump said the Imam wanted $25 million, so he thinks it wasn't a religious matter. Donald Trump's deal would have restricted a mosque being built no closer than five blocks from Ground Zero. The deal probably will not go through, so it gets Donald Trump some free publicity and it keeps the pot stirring.

Yesterday morning, I heard the classic example of a pundit stirring up his audience and then had to run away from one of his listener’s comments. Trey Ware, KTSA radio host, said that Imam Rauf indicated that there might be consequences overseas if the conflict of building the Community Welcome Center/Mosque in its present location, continued. Trey Ware called it a threat but it's practically the same thing that General Petraeus is saying. It didn't take long for a caller to say" We should send the Imam to Guantanamo Bay for inciting a riot or anything else we can think of" causing Mr. Ware to remind the caller that the Imam Rauf had constitutional rights.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 and it's sad that we have let the fanatics take that center stage; instead of showing solidarity with those that lost loved ones on that tragic day.