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I see the Victoria Advocate failed to mention that Floyd Brown created that famous Willie Horton ad and that he was a republican operative so far to the right that the Bush/Quale campaign had to file a complaint with the FCC against them,so they could distance themselves from his tactics. Best-selling authors? He wrote "Slick Willie: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton," and claimed that he sold 200,000 copies, but the New York Times said it was more like 50,000. What's on tap for tomorrow, a column by Andrew Breitbart?

Impeachment is nothing new to Floyd Brown; he was heavily involved in President Clinton's impeachment hearings. He claims that the new Congress will seriously consider articles of impeachment against president Obama but he doesn't give specifics. Minnesota's Michele Bachmann entertains the thought, but I don't think she's in line for the house speaker's job; whose job it will be, to bring up those articles of impeachment. As for the one million petitioners he claims he has, they're about as worthless as the yellow sheet tablet, which they are written on. Like a true right winger, he puts on his three pointed hat, wraps himself around the flag, puts on the background music of" Yankee Doodle Dandy" and then goes onto cite his interpretation of " high crimes and misdemeanors," and the founders thoughts. He says the president is a dishonest, manipulative liar who is pursuing an agenda he hopes will take America off the international stage. I must not be following too closely because I thought this president is following the same agenda of the previous administration, when it comes to foreign policy. I guess Mr. Brown thinks that George W. Bush was truthful when he led us to believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they were a viable threat. That's yesterday, and I'm glad that speaker Pelosi, true to her word, did not take up articles that of impeachment, even though, there was plenty of evidence, for a legitimate claim of impeachment.

Mary and Floyd Brown used all the right wing buzzwords like socialist, elitist, and mainstream media in writing their article( auto fill) and said that the left hates America because of their belief in God, rugged individualism, and their belief in property rights and the right to keep and bear arms. If I've heard it once; I've heard it 1000 times.... In the old days we used to call that a “broken record" because the needle used to stick, in a certain spot and we would hear the same lyrics over and over and over again.

I understand that there's a lot of anger across this nation because of the high unemployment rate, uncertainty, and the belief that this administration is spending too much money without results. Why was there a delay in outrage until the president's party tried to pass the controversial healthcare bill? I didn't see as much anger in the fourth quarter of 2008, when real GDP dropped by 6% and 1.7 million jobs were lost. That was the largest in 65 years. The net household worth dropped by 5 trillion dollars; and that largest and fastest drop, ever. Why was that? According to Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN's GPS, President Bush, treasury secretary Paulson, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Fed Chairman Bernanke and a bipartisan Congress sent a signal to the world that our government would stabilize our situation by passing the $700 billion TARP. The nation did not like bailing out Wall Street but it was the prudent thing to do or we would have had at least 25% unemployment because of the domino effect. Since then, the republicans act as if we didn't have a financial crisis and the democrats don't mention it, because they know the voters are still angry they had to bail out Wall Street. The right likes to call this president a socialist, but he could've nationalized the banks, broke up the top six banks, so we wouldn't have “Too big to fail" but he just chose to take over GM, as a last gasp effort, until they became a profitable company and who would've thought they would be able to pay us back. In retrospect, TARP was a cheap bailout because we were repaid with interest.

The authors end by saying that the Obama Administration qualifies as a poster child of bad behavior because they are ravaging this great country and adding a sorry chapter to a noble history without giving specifics. Their followers don't need specifics because, if a fact checking site like Snoops debunks a claim; the followers say that Snoops is an arm of the Democratic Party. During the campaign they deemed that was created by the Obama Administration so that just leaves Fox News, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al as the generators of the truth because the mainstream media has always been in the conspiracy against the right. I take that back, I have used the Pulitzer prize Politifact as a source without complaints so far but I think I'm on borrowed time.