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After almost two years of obstruction and proudly being the party of "NO" the national GOP finally rolled out a plan which is literally, a carbon copy of the 1994 Contract with America. This year's version is called "A Pledge to America..." Last night, Jon Stewart ran clips of Newt Gingrich (1994) and John Boehner (yesterday) side-by-side, saying the exact same words; I'm not exaggerating. They rolled out the same template and just changed a word and subject, here and there. Instead of showing some remorse for their actions(2000-08), John Boehner, clearly stated that the Republican Party will not change a thing. I wonder what the independents will think? I might be wrong but I think this pledge will play into the hands of the democrats. The saying " "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" comes to mind.


The republicans answer for creating jobs is to repeal the small business mandates in the new health care law, stop job-killing tax hikes(without specifics), allow small business to take the tax deduction equal to 20% of their income and require congressional approval for any Federal regulation that would add to the deficit. There was no mention of alternative fuels, new green jobs, infrastructure repair, education, or support for the recently passed jobs bill, of which they voted against.


They would roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus. Establish strict budget cuts (with no specifics) and cancel all future TARP spending and reform Fannie and Freddie.


Give members three days to read the bills and require each bill to meet constitutional standards. It doesn't take an eagle eye to notice that earmarks was not mentioned, neither was the Citizens United ruling, campaign finance reform, or eliminating arcane rules.


The republicans want to continue to provide resources for the troops and sanctions on Iran. I think, they will have to explain why they want to fund missile defense; that’s ICBMs. Yesterday, Chris Matthews quizzed a republican operative about the funding of missile defense. Chris Matthews explained to the operative that this measure will probably damage the recently repaired relationship with Russia. Yesterday, Russia agreed not to sell arms to Iran without the administration bragging about that important deal. The operative said that it was in case Iran got the bomb. He should not of said that because Iran does not have ICBMs and certainly not the capabilities to launch a missile toward the United States. Chris said some lobbyists sold the republicans a bill of goods.

I have read the 21 pages of "Pledge to America" but I admit I did not memorize every detail and all I did was write about the highlights. I was not surprised with the contents but this country is in dire need of solutions from both parties. The republican should've been straightforward and produced congressman Paul Ryan's “A GOP Road Map for America Future" that details efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Let's have the debate and not spring in on us after the November elections. I'm still reeling because senate majority leader Harry Reid punted on the debate of extending all the Bush tax cuts. I think that would have been a good campaign strategy of showing how the republicans would vote against a tax cut for the middle class, if their rich buddies didn't get one. The truth is, the blue dog democrats and several conservadems in the senate were scared of voting for any more legislation, because of the conservative district's they are in.

I think it's funny that the republicans will keep the good things in the health care law but they will change the wording ever so slightly, to make it seem that it will be a republican correction on the changes they make. They won't change much but I think they going to be surprised when they try to push " selling across state lines" because even though it sounds good; it has some states rights issues. As long as president Obama has that veto pen, I don't think the health care law will be repealed....Don't get me wrong the health care law can be improved with some changes,so I'm glad the GOP will take up the issue.