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In about 15 minutes the president of United States Barack Obama will have a press conference to announce that he has released his long form birth certificate. The White House made this decision about a week ago; I saw the document online a while ago, but it doesn't have any incriminating information; in fact, it's a duplicate of the short form with just a few more lines for irreverent information.The president had to sign a waiver to allow someone other than himself to take possession of a copy of the original certificate.

As expected Donald Trump is taking all the credit for making the president show his hand. I counted 10 local posters that don't believe that the president was born in United States, and our unofficial online poll revealed that we have a lot of Birthers residing in Victoria Texas. And like Donald Trump, not one of them will come forward and admit they were wrong...OK Donald he showed his certificate now show your tax returns,as you promised.

Will it change 51% of republicans mind,probably not because they won't believe the evidence,besides it's about something else. The evidence has been out there for a long time. It will be interesting to see the poll results but the low information types will rely on right-wing smear sites like WorldNetDaily and Freerepublic,so this issue will not have an instant death.

Showing the long form birth certificate does give the administration a political gain because it puts (once again) the "Birthers" in the far-right fringe group where they belong.Perhaps that's why Governor Brewer vetoed the Arizona "Birther" bill. I do have a lot of respect for Tim Pawlenty,Mitt Romney and other mainstream republicans who never questioned the president's birth certificate early on.