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Have you ever thought that life was out to get you?... Now that my wife and I are retired, we are at the place we dreamed of for over 40 years. We always talked of a time, when we could take a vacation without needing to leave or come back at a certain time. Just a couple of months ago, we talked about planning one last vacation It was going to be one last vacation because driving 2,000 miles is not as easy as it once was, and at some point I would have to include night driving. We never considered flying because we would be held to their schedule. The hassle of airports is not something that we look forward to.

We thought that we had narrowed our choices down to Washington, DC, Boston, Massachusetts or back to New York. One night as I was watching the Cubs and the Astros I jokingly said “you know, vacationing in Chicago one last time wouldn't be bad" and to my surprise, my wife said “I was thinking the same thing." Then a few days later we were watching the tornado devastation around the St. Louis Airport. We looked at the satellite image knowing we would have to go through this area to reach Chicago, even though it might be just another great summer day on the date of our trip; the thought is already planted in the back of our minds. Being a native Victorian, I got used to our tornadoes but the ones that ripped through the St. Louis area and the south this week are a mile wide, gave little warning, and left unimaginable destruction. It's going to take a little while for that image to disappear but then there's the high price of gasoline. Yes, I have a Prius, so I haven’t ever paid over $36.00 for a fill up. I can imagine paying $60.00 would be quite a blow for the mind that is already worried about an imaginary tornado. It might be an age thing because I don't remember being worried about a little weather (I don't even remember watching the weather when I was young) or worrying about the price of gasoline because it was always more expensive in the summertime. I remember a time during the oil embargo of the 70s when we made one of our frequent made trips to El Paso, this one time, we had to sleep in that little town called Bakersfield, Texas because we didn't want to risk running out of gasoline at night time. All along interstate 10 some towns had gasoline. Some were closed on Sundays, and others were closed at dusk because station owners feared drive -offs. I knew all of this beforehand, but it didn't scare the young Mike with responsibility for a wife and three small children. What was I thinking?

I don't know what we'll do and we might just settle on New Orleans but don't they have hurricanes?Oh,yes, but there is ample time to get back to Victoria before it hits.