• Writein
    I just want to clear the bench, so we don't keep repeating the same arguments. I hope to continue our civil discussions in the future ,but we gotten all of mileage out of these issues..IMO

    I took the trouble to listen to the interview between Joe Pags and Deborah Medina. Part 1&2.... At the 6:26 mark of part 2, Medina told Joe that he had treated her fairly. But the only thing controversial was her stance on nullification...Now, she doomed herself with the answer she gave to Glenn Beck when he asked her whether she believed the government played a part in the 9/11 attacks.
    Her answer:"I don't have all of the evidence there, Glenn, so I'm not in a place, I have not been out publicly questioning that," Medina said. "I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard, there are some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that."

    I am a United States citizen first and in no way do I believe in secession or nullification. Tenthers are right there with the birthers. I don't want to discuss Deborah Medina again...Check that off

    Every day, Charles Krauthammer will write an article for the Washington Post criticizing every move the president makes, and so will Michael Reagan, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, as well as the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal; combine that with talk radio and Fox News that's a whole lot of collars to yank on. We should embrace the power of the press and the media and not be afraid of it. ...Check that off

    Last but not least, State Representative Geanie W. Morrison, R-District 30 represents DeWitt, Jackson, Lavaca, Refugio, and Victoria County and as far as I know, she only has one vote, and any bill she submits has to go through a committee and then if it gets through committee, it gets an up and down vote in the houses before it's presented to the governor for his signature. I am not obsessed with her candidacy; I will never vote for her but I don't think she's is as powerful as you make her out to be.....Check that off.

    You're welcome to your point of view and I note your concern but repeating the same arguments will not make us agree.

    August 24, 2011 at 10:14 a.m.

  • Texas is a conservative republican state with gerrymandered districts to keep it that way....Remember I said the 2010 elections were important (census year) when new districts are drawn.....They do have high ratings but they hated John McCain and guess who won the nomination? Talk radio preaches to the choir,yes they and Fox have a hold on the GOP candidates but It binds them..

    If hate radio can have Beat the Democratic party,then the party is pretty weak...The Dems have California,NY,northeast,northwest,Illinois and the GoP has south,TX,OK but six swing states will decide the election.

    I didn't say people didn't listen to them but in comparison to all registered voters;it's not much.....President Obama got 69 million votes.

    We will just have to disagree.

    Have a good night,I'm getting sleepy..:-)

    August 23, 2011 at 10:24 p.m.

  • Mike.
    I totally disagree with your post. If people didn’t pay attention to Hate Talk Radio like Michael Berry, Joe Pags, and the like, then why do they have high ratings? Why do they have power in the outcomes of Texas elections? Low information voter maybe, but do they have power? Yes.

    August 23, 2011 at 10:05 p.m.

  • Marks?

    August 23, 2011 at 9:35 p.m.

  • BIgJ

    2006 was the war,2008 was the financial. Crisis and Barack Obama.
    In 2000,Clinton kept his popularity and Gore should have used him...Bush v Gore decided that and Gore had 600,000 more popular votes.
    The GOP is the part of pro life and the sonogram bill is mild compared to what was passed in other states...Several are in the courts.No connection.
    Being for and actually getting something passed are two different thinks...Texas had a $25 billion deficit and she wanted to abolish property taxes just proves how little she knows...I'm glad she lost,because I looked at her fruity proposal and I was not impressed.

    Btw one single legislator,president,governor cannot do anything...It takes a majority consensus and they take equal blame or credit.

    If anyone votes on how a person does on a radio talk show,they are a low information voter.

    August 23, 2011 at 8:54 p.m.

  • Mike.
    The only reason Democrats won in 2006 and in 2008 is because of Bush foreign policy. The Dems lost in 2000 because of Clinton’s own behavior, gun control issues, and Green issues. If you don’t think state politics is not the foundation of national politics then please explain to me why Geanie Morrison’s Abortion Bill is being copied and pasted in other states?
    Debra Medina made sense in abolishing the property taxes. Second Mrs. Medina was polled at 35% before Joe Pags invited her on just to attack her. If she never were attacked by Pags, Perry would have never been won the GOP primary. He would have been forced to run in a runoff against Hutchinson.

    August 23, 2011 at 8:28 p.m.

  • Writein

    I don't think state politics is the foundation of national politics....National politics legislate for all 50 states.
    Second,I'm not a republican,so I don't what care what republicans  listen to.
    Debra Medina was a wing nut and never had a chance to beat Perry anyway,..I think she only got 11% of the votes..Right wing radio is not responsible,she was a poor candidate.

    As I continue to say it's the Independants who will decide the election and throughout the years they have shown that they deplore the sillyness...It's about the issues,mainly the economy...I guess we differ again,I want rational,intelligent people not thugs or those that engage in the nonsense....Talk show hosts have been around for years and Dems won in 2006 & 2008.

    It's still 15 months,don't wear yourself out,save some for the finish.

    I don't fear hate radio...They preach to  about 20% of the electorate but I agree money will be huge in the 2012 election...Exxon,BP,Koch,Wall Street, Super Pacs will all be pretty active.

    August 23, 2011 at 8:04 p.m.

  • Mike.
    State politics is the foundation of national politics. Second, Talk Show host are the gate keepers in Republican Party/ Conservative politics. I always ask people to follow the money. The wife of Congressman Michael McCaul owns WOAI and Clear Channel. Third, whenever the host says it usually goes. The Glenn Beck/Joe Pags assault on Debra Medina for Rick Perry is a prime example. Talk show hosts are more powerful than you think. I want a Democrat in 2014 to go on there with a hand on their “collar” and a finger in their face telling them to stop the lying, stop the hate, and stop the foolishness. It is time to play offense and stop with the passive plays.

    August 23, 2011 at 7:32 p.m.

  • Texastwostep.

    First of all, if you are not super rich like Bill Gates, Buffet, George Soros, or the Koch brothers, then you have nothing to worry about. There are people who are billionaires and millionaires who do not pay any taxes. The CEO of General Electric is one of them.
    Mr. Williams

    August 23, 2011 at 7:12 p.m.

  • I hear that a lot about how our state has a terrible education matriculation rate. And many people without health insurance. Also, the high number of minimum wage jobs. Is it possble that our matriculation rate and amount of people with no health insurance is skewed because we are a border state? I don't know. How do we compare to Arizona and California. And is it possible that we have a large number of minimum wage jobs because we are the 2nd or 3rd most populist state? They always throw absolute numbers out there. They don't talk as it regards to percentages of workers. They just say we have the most. Well are we not one of the most populist state. And if they are using absolute numbers when they say this, then we should have the most minimum wage jobs, I would hope.

    August 20, 2011 at 12:11 a.m.

  • When you support plutocracy or corporatism;you get generations of plutocracy or corporatism.....It's easy to denigrate the poor because they cannot afford lobbyist,so they are used as scapegoats..

    August 19, 2011 at 11:19 p.m.

  • writein

    The 45 state was hyperbole to emphasize the magnitude of the error if they  win the GOP nomination...No one will ever win by 45 anymore....270 electoral votes is all that is needed.

    Chris Bell was more qualified than Kinky and Mr. Bell had more votes..... Perry's decision not to debate White was a plus  and the 2010 uprise by the GOP did the rest.

    I'm not into pro wresting or the talk radio shout outs ,no credible legislator should take them seriously....They are inconsequential.

    The democrats are probably making ads of all the gaffes as we speak.

    I don't mix state politics with national because the issues are different.The DNC will fund the swing states of Wisconsin,Ohio,Nevada,Florida,Pennsylvania, Virginia,and North Carolina because gerrymandering will favor the GOP candidates  in Texas...Stomp up and down all you want,Texas is a conservative state but it will change over time.

    The GOP in Victoria will vote for Geanie Morrison because she is a well-funded  right wing christian conservative...That's a politician that's very hard to beat in this district.You don't change people's bedrock beliefs with in-your- face,they have to walk away from it on their own...The head of the RNC was interviewed today and you could see he was struggling trying to spin the remarks of Perry and Bachmann. 

    I don't believe in drafting candidates because if a candidate doesn't have the gumption to file on their own,then the intensity nor the confidence is not there.

    August 19, 2011 at 11:12 p.m.

  • Texastwostep.
    I am not on welfare, you are not, and I guess Mike isn’t either. What is your point? Texas is a state that increasingly favors Feudalism when it favors the businesses and not labor? (No I do not favor Unions.) Texas practices fascism when it comes to smoking, abortion, and schools. (I am pro-life).
    Mr. Williams

    August 19, 2011 at 10:38 p.m.

  • Mike

    45 state landslide??? If the Democratic president was John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else, I could see a 45 state landslide with Perry or Bachmann. With President Obama, sorry but no, Dixie is still Dixie. Second, I blame Chris Bell and Kinky Friedman for the Perry Presidential Campaign. Bell should have been man enough and back away. Kinky should at least run for governor in 2010 instead of dropping out for another office no one cares about. Democrats in Texas need to stop being punks in my opinion. Where is their inner LBJ? Bill White never took WOAI Joe Pags on during his interviews. I want a Democratic candidate ( for Governor or Lt. Gov) in 2014 who is mean enough and ruthless to show up at WOAI and give radio punks like Joe Pags, Michael Berry, or even Sean Hannity an ear full. That is also my problem with the President himself, stop being nice.
    If I were working on the Obama campaign, I would use the statement “he is not one of us” or “he doesn’t love his country” with Perry’s Texas should secede from the Union statement. I am going to say this as well. People in this area need to pay attention to local politics as well. The lack of concern is the reason people like State Rep. Geanie Morrison to being reelected over and over again. No one is challenging her over that Fascist abortion bill, Feudist UHV/A&M bill and the JOB KILLING, DREAM KILLING HB 3015 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I said it.
    Back to Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst will most likely be the next US Senator. He already angered State Senate Republicans over the TSA bill like Dan Patrick. The Texas Democrats should working hard trying to draft a candidate.

    Mr. Williams.

    August 19, 2011 at 10:22 p.m.

  • Rick Perry will be a noose around the GOP's neck, once people in the other states learn what he is all about. He might win over the tea party, but that's about it.

    August 19, 2011 at 8:25 p.m.

  • writein

    There is already discontent among the established GOP and the Tea Party types Rick Perry appeals to. When Rick Perry called the Fed chairman a " traitor" Karl Rove said he went over the top and many republicans agreed. He said he didn't know if the president loves this country...You can hear that dog whistle meant to imply he is not one of us. ..

    As a Democrat I want Rick Perry or Bachmann because it will be a 45+ state landslide even in this weak economy.

    You might be right about the Texas GOP but as the press starts to examine Perry's real record,some GOP legislators may be worried about getting reelected.

    August 19, 2011 at 7:26 p.m.

  • arlewill
    I don't try to personalize my comments but I assume I had good life experience and I'm not complaining.

    I don't think it's madness to try to stop the job losses and lay down a foundation to help the states keep keep their firefighters,police, and teachers.That money is now out of the system...I assume you are complaining about Fed an independent body printing money. I believe Republican Ben Barnanke saved us from going into a severe depression but his QE2 policy did not work because the banks did not lend....Mistakes were made,absolutely ,but I could write two or three blogs on the good things about the stimulus but it wouldn't change your mind because you think regulations are the hold back. ..It's the Fed job to stabilize the economy and improve unemployment.....I think 8.5%unemployment  is the new norm because of the reasons I stated and people don't have the skills for the jobs that are available....The whole world is strugging economically and you could replace the prez,vic e prez,administration and all of the democrats but it's going to take at least another year before we get to where we were prior to Sept. 15,2008.

    I don't believe in an unfettered free market and I believe we have a demand problem...Employers are not hiring  because their employees are doubling the work on their employees,using technology and waiting for demand to pick up enough before rehiring..I've stated all this before but you will always believe it's about regulations...I see Exxon and the Fortune 500 doing pretty good.

    I know Obama won't bragging about off shore drilling because that bit him last time after BP....I don't blame him....Every job counts but we need to 250,000 jobs a month to get down to 8.5% unemployment and I didn't even get to the inner cities.

    August 19, 2011 at 7:12 p.m.

  • Mike.

    Since you bought up Rick Perry, I think he should be the GOP nominee. Whether he wins or lose, the Texas Republican Party would have a major civil war among its ranks espeally when there is no governor or Lt Governor in charge.

    August 19, 2011 at 6:46 p.m.

  • Mike
    You may be right about you and I being bipolar opposites. I respect and admire your pursuit of the issues you believe in. I look forward to reading your blog and have a real curiosity about you. We must have had very different life experiences.
    This Administration has persisted in spending, borrowing and printing money and it has not helped the economy. I have read that a definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing over and over with failure each time.
    I believe the biggest obstacle to our nation's recovery could be remedied quickly by backing off the regulations and rules made in the last two years. This would take the Administration's foot off the neck of business and put people back to work.
    In the news today, I heard the Obama Administration was going to open the Gulf of Mexico for lease bids. Only problem, they would not accept bids of less than $100/acre which is three times the average paid in the past. I don't think they will be doing much business but it will give Obama a talking point.

    August 19, 2011 at 6:26 p.m.

  • I din't know that Legion357...Good to know,thanks

    It's funny how we repeat history but we reverse players.... I don't remember all the details but I think President Eisenhower was having trouble passing his bill through a democratic

    I believe president Eisenhower knew about the relationship between defense contractors , the pentagon and waste.

    President Eisenhower was also a big supporter of trade unions..My have times changed.

    Have a good weekend

    August 19, 2011 at 5:08 p.m.

  • That's a interesting thought about President Eisenhower Mike, you just might be right.

    If I can expand a little, the interstate highway system was built as a quick way to move military vehicles, Eisenhower saw the advantages of the German Autobahn during WW2.

    The building of the system was a result of the Cold War, intended for the military and also providing a service to citizens.

    Isn't it kind of strange that Eisenhower railed against the Military/Industrial complex but yet initiated a huge project to support it?

    The WPA, did you know the restoration of La Bahia was one of the projects? Also, all the concrete picnic tables and BBQ pits in Riverside Park were one of the projects.

    August 19, 2011 at 4:45 p.m.

  • vet43

    Today, President Eisenhower would be a far left liberal bordering on socialism because he was instrumental in building our interstate highways. I can't imagine us building big projects like the Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority, or WPA projects.

    President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and President George H.W. Bush came up with the Clean Air Act, yet today, members of his own party either want to abolish, defund, or severely restrict the powers of that agency in lieu of profits. What's next, the FDA? They say it's morally reprehensible to leave our grandchildren all this debt, but it's OK to leave them a dirty, burning, planet. Priorities!

    It's hard for me to believe that we just had our worst environmental incident, but people are clamoring for more offshore drilling without a moratorium. We can't take time to prevent the next one because it's a job-killing measure. If there is another explosion, the same people would just ignore it and come up with some off-the-wall example like airplane crashes to justify their claims...Be scared of deficits and debt but don't worry about the environment or explosions....People are dispensable but money is not.

    You’re right we can't legislate morality, but these people can't be shamed because the dollar will smooth any embarrassment.

    August 19, 2011 at 3:01 p.m.

  • Mike,

    Every time I hear about how big and wasteful our government is I step back and look how it's role in the daily life of it's citizens has evolved. How large in size and population was the US in 1789 vs. 2011? Our world has gone through massive changes and some want to return to "the good old days". We still have church ice cream socials but the ice cream could have glass in it. With 300+ million residents our water, air, food, drugs and everything we touch is at risk without some form of protection. Good citizens will do the right thing, but some will always take advantage of the helpless and disadvantaged. We can not legistrate morals but we sure can put those without a soul under a bright light.

    August 19, 2011 at 2:29 p.m.

  • I forgot to insert an interesting chart shwong how low interest rates can have a mixed effect. I was taught that increasing the money supply would cause inflation but I guess the x or y were left out of the equation. We have increased the money supply from $900 billion to $2.6 trillion and the falling relationship hasn't been a 1 to 1.

    If the Fed keep interest rates low; it can affect the economy several ways.
    1. The dollar falls, lower interest rates make holding dollar less attractive.
    2. As the dollar falls, U.S. goods become cheaper abroad
    3. And foreign goods become more expensive closing trade gaps
    4. Our debt drops because it reduces the value of foreign- held debt
    5. U.S. consumers save more when foreign goods cost more
    1. Treasuries rise, investors buy U.S. debt when the economy is bleak
    2. Stocks plummet because there's less appetite for risky assets
    3. Recoveries stall because consumers retreat
    4. Commodity prices rise because foreign investors ditch the dollar for higher yielding commodities.
    5. Foreign inflation because cheap dollars drive up foreign currencies and inflation.

    I got this information from this week's Time Magazine

    August 19, 2011 at 1:40 p.m.